beer garden

Is Studio Square Closed For Good?

by Laura Caseley

We’ve been hearing multiple, though unsubstantiated, reports from around the Internet that Studio Square, the beer garden, bar and party spot on 36th Street, has closed. The 30,000 square-foot space (…)


Yay for The Strand Smokehouse

by Judith Rich

While there’s been a whole lot of controversy about The Strand, some loving its communal, friendly vibe while others complaining about a disruption in the nabe, I went over to check it out myself to form my own opinion. I’m happy to say that I found it nothing but pleasant, social and really different from the other watering holes we already have in Astoria.


Spring Is Here!

by Mackenzi Farquer

spring is here – best things and places to visit when spring comes to Astoria. Join plovgh, visit a beer garden, hang out in Astoria park, think about your spring garden, brunch outside and make your own neighborhood tour

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