Oct 03, 2017

TONY’s Best of Astoria

Did TONY do Astoria justice with its top picks?

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By Atomox, Previously published: Flickr, CC BY-SA 3.0

Did you catch Time Out New York’s article on Astoria last week? They showcased 15 different businesses and locations in the neighborhood, a mix of old and new:

  • Museum of the Moving Image (Kaufman Arts District)
  • Letlove Inn (Greater Ditmars)
  • SingleCut Beersmiths (Greater Ditmars)
  • Taverna Kyclades (Greater Ditmars)
  • The Stonework (Greater Ditmars)
  • The Bonnie (Greater Ditmars)
  • HiFi Records (Steinway)
  • Lockwood Style (Broadway)
  • Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (Greater Ditmars/Astoria Blvd)
  • The Brass Owl (Greater Ditmars)
  • The Ditty (Greater Ditmars)
  • Astoria Bier & Cheese (Greater Ditmars/Broadway)
  • Q.E.D. (Greater Ditmars)
  • Astoria Bookshop (Broadway)
  • Astoria Park (Greater Ditmars)

These are definitely some of the highlights of the neighborhood, and as you can see, their picks are fairly Ditmars-centric. That’s not surprising—Ditmars is really the hot spot of the neighborhood these days. (And if you would have told me this 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.)

So tell us—do these choices align with your relationship to Astoria? Are there places TONY missed that should be on that list? We want to know—leave us a comment with your thoughts on this.

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It’s an odd list. Very Ditmars-centric, which makes me wonder if they even actually explored the entire neighborhood. I live by 30th Ave for 25 years now, and don’t frequent 80% of what is on the list. And is the museum area a district? Hm. Okay.


I’d say that it’s a district. It’s a distinct area: Not quite Steinway, too far away to consider it Broadway, it has its own very unique feel that you can’t find anywhere else in the neighborhood.

Museum, Studio Square, Tacuba, Snowdonia, the movie theater, all great stuff in the area.

Mary Ann

Honestly feel like Taverna Kyclades is so overrated. We Love Telly’s Taverna and Loukoumi. I guess I should be happy that they aren’t on the list so we don’t have to wait on long lines like the folks who frequent Kyclades.

Kevin Foley

I love the offerings and the vibe of Kinship Coffee at Steinway and 30th Avenue.


So…they picked 3 places that aren’t on or close to Ditmars. (4 if you count HiFi, but they’re as close to Ditmars as Bohemian is, which this article considers “Greater Ditmars”)

Astoria is larger than one avenue.

No love for Queens Comfort / Flattopps Astoria…or anything on 30th Avenue, for that matter (Brooklyn Bagel, Sweet Afton, Sugar Freak).

What they got right, they actually got right, but they could have done so much more.


Ditmars is definitely the place to be. Between the park, the best restaurants, the best bars, plus you have the beer garden. AND you always get a seat on the train. Incredible. I like the other parts of Astoria but they really can’t compare to Ditmars. Don’t worry, expect rents all over Astoria to only skyrocket once the L train stops.


Being Ditmars centric, he left out the whole 30th Avenue Cafe scene, Las Margaritas on Broadway, and Stamatis across Bonnie.
Then there is the bowling place off Ditmars and Trattoria L’incontro.


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