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Sep 24, 2015

25 Places to Hang Out with Big Groups in Astoria

The process of getting a big groups of friends together to go out can be painful. It can also be the reason your night was so amazing. The logistics aren’t always easy, (…)

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The process of getting a big groups of friends together to go out can be painful. It can also be the reason your night was so amazing. The logistics aren’t always easy, but celebrating an occasion or just getting together with all of your closest friends is always sure to be a good time.

Luckily, Astoria rocks as a big group neighborhood. Here are some great locations to take your group (we’re talking 8+) for any occasion. Don’t forget to call ahead!

Gossip Coffee

We Heart Astoria GOSSIP COFFEE Outside

Via Emily Miethner

Gossip Coffee’s outdoor yard is perfect for a morning group breakfast. Bonus – it’s also an awesome place for a group meeting.

Good for: coffee, breakfast, late night snack

Gossip Coffee (37-04 30th Ave. | (718) 440-8792) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



With its newly renovated space, now doubled in size, Sanford’s has plenty of room for large groups and a great breakfast menu with something for everyone.

Good for: breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late night drink, especially whisky

Sanford’s (30-13 Broadway |(718) 932-9569)
www.sanfordsnyc.comFacebook | Instagram Twitter


The original Bareburger is an Astoria staple. It’s a great lunch place to stop by with a group of friends. The 30th Ave. location has a great yard that’s lovely this time of year.

Good for: brunch, lunch, dinner, casual, family-friendly, kids

Bareburger (33-21 31st Ave. | (718) 777-7011) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



Via We Heart Astoria

On top of Maizal’s really awesome brunch menu they also have a great open space in the back where you can put a lot of tables together.

Good for: brunch, lunch, dinner, casual, family-friendly, kids

Maizal (32-07 34th Ave. | (718) 406-9431) | Facebook | Twitter


Katch has tons of seating, screens, an a big outdoor space. So whether you want to sit inside or outside, this is the type of place that can accommodate 10+ people easy.

Good for: brunch, lunch, dinner, game day, all day drinking, a night out

Katch (31-19 Newtown Ave. | (718) 777-2230) | Facebook | Twitter

MP Taverna


Via We Heart Astoria

MP Taverna has  huge open spaces both outside and in. They also have delicious appetizers to split amongst your friends.

Good for: brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, triple date night, fancy family meals

MP Taverna (31-29 Ditmars Blvd. | (718) 777-2187) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Republic Bar


Via Republic

Dance the night away with your friends at Republic Bar. They often have a good selection of DJs and are very accommodating for groups. They even have VIP sections if you want to go all out.

Good for: Pizza, dessert,  drinks, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, 10+ People

Republic Bar (33-29 Astoria Blvd. North | (718) 278-8100) | Facebook | Twitter

Judy & Punch

Judy & Punch is a great place for medium sized groups. Though the space is pretty narrow, there are seats in the back and a jukebox with a great music selection.

Good for: Drinks, birthday parties, dancing, late night drinks, 10+ People

 Judy & Punch (34-08 30th Ave. | (718) 626-3101) | Facebook | Twitter



Via We Heart Astoria

Mundo is adjacent to the lobby of The Paper Factory Hotel. The bar and restaurant are pretty great, but since it is a hotel, they also have an outside space, and a couple of areas with big couches, and more seating. It’s exciting places for bigger groups to spread out and explore.

Good for:  Dinner, drinks, birthday parties, exploring, hidden corners, 15+ People

Mundo (37-06 36th St. | (718) 706-8636) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Break Bar & Billiards

Break Bar & Billiards is in all senses awesome for game day. They have tons of TV screens and are always playing the latest sports events. They also have ping pong, pool, table and arcade games. Not to mention it’s 7,000 square ft., so there’s lots of space.

Good for: lunch, dinner, when you need basic american food, drinks, birthday parties, most importantly-game day, 20+ People

Break Bar & Billiards ( 32-04 Broadway | (718) 777-5400) | Facebook | Twitter

Bohemian Beer Garden

The Bohemian Beer Garden is perfect for a debaucherous day out in the sun with schnitzel and beer. It’s an easy place to bring some cards and stay out all day in the sun with your friends.

Good for: lunch, dinner,  drinks, beer,  birthday parties, kid friendly, soccer game-watching, all day drinking, 20+ People

Bohemian Beer Garden (29-19 24th Ave. | (718) 274-4925) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Astoria Park

A stroll through Astoria Park on a sunny day is hard to beat.

Via We Heat Astoria

The Astoria Park is a solid locale for a chance to escape with your friends and tan, picnic, play frisbee, or play sports like basketball, tennis, etc.

Good for: lunch, dinner,  BYOF, picnics birthday parties, working out, team sports, general sun bathing and nature lounging, 20+ People

Astoria Park (19th St. Between Astoria Park South & Ditmars)

UA Kaufman Astoria Cinemas

Catch a new movie with your friends at UA Kaufman Astoria Cinemas for a cinematic way to get out of uncomfortable weather and then talk about what you’ve just seen.

Good for: Group viewings, air conditioning, sharing popcorn, post-brunch digestion, 10+ People

UA Kaufman Astoria Cinemas (35-30 38th St. | (844) 462-7342)

The Garden at Studio Square

Studio Square Outside

Via We Heart Astoria

After the movie, head around the corner to The Garden at Studio Square—a modern beer garden that offers ample space and sun.

Good for: lunch, dinner, post-movie theater drinks, beer, game-watching, 20+ People

The Garden at Studio Square (35-33 36th St. | (718) 383-1001) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Welling Court Mural Project


Via Michel Dominguez

As a big group, it’s always hard to find tactful ways to appreciate the arts. However, the Welling Court Mural Project offers the perfect opportunity for big groups to get together and roam the streets freely appreciating a new form of art.

Good for: Seeing the arts, discovering new artists, scavenger hunts, exploring, group walking, 10+ People

Welling Court Mural Project (11-90 Welling Court | (917) 602-2153) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The Strand

Yelp Photo courtesy of Natalie T.

Yelp Photo courtesy of Natalie T.

The Strand Smokehouse is a cool spot for a drink and live music. There’s tons of space and it’s super casual so it’s a hip no-fuss place for a big group. They have live music every weekend, but be sure to check their website for live band events and times.

Good for: live music, drinks, birthday parties, moonshine drinking, 10+ People

The Strand Smokehouse (25-27 Broadway | (718) 440-3231) | Facebook | Twitter

Junko Sushi

Photo via Emily Miethner

Junko is in a great location on Broadway and has quality sushi at an affordable price. They are happy to push together tables to create a great group dining experience.  

Good for: healthy eating, birthday parties, sharing, 10+ People

Junko Sushi (33-02 Broadway | (718) 777-1588) | Facebook | Instagram

Raven’s Head

Photo Courtesy of Raven's Head Public House

Photo Courtesy of Raven’s Head Public House

Raven’s Head has two floors and a bar on each. The top floor is a great option for a semi-private gathering for parties, which you can usually reserve at no cost.

Good for: bar food, drinking, birthday parties, company gatherings, 15+ People

Raven’s Head (38-04 Broadway | (718) 777-7565)

ravensheadpublichouse.comFacebook | Twitter

Zenon Taverna

Zenon has enough space for groups in it’s main dining section, but also has a private party room you can reserve. Their menu offers lots of shared plate options that are great for big groups.

Good for: family dinners and celebrations, plate sharing, authentic Greek food, private party rooms

Zenon Taverna (34-10 31st Ave | (718) 956-0133) | Facebook | Twitter



Via Mosaic

Mosaic is the place to go for a relaxing time with smaller big groups. They have an immensely vast beer and wine selection. The bar has big windows that make the space feel open and free.

Good for: Wine, beer, lounging, paninis, snacking on cheese and meat plates

Mosaic Craft Beer & Wine Bar (25-19 24th Ave| (718) 728-0708)

mosaicastoria.comFacebook | InstagramTwitter

Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs

Via Yelp

This new bar in the neighborhood is a must hit spot for big groups in a bar hoping circuit, or to stay there for the entire night. The bartenders are fun and willing to mix-up your usual drink with a twist.

Good for: Beer, Cocktails, indoor, outdoor, feeling a little swanky, birthdays, last-minute drinks, 15+

Diamond Dogs (34-04 31st Ave| (929) 522-0061)

Sek’end Sun

Sek’end Sun has tons of space inside and outside. They have big lounging tables in the front, smaller tables to put together for big groups in the back, and even a spacious back yard. If you’re looking for dinner and drinks a reservation there is super easy.

Good for: Lunch, dinner, drinks, celebration parties, birthdays, birthdays, last-minute drinks

Sek’end Sun (32-11 Broadway| (917) 832-6414) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Mar's oyster bar

Via We Heart Astoria

Mar’s is a wonderful place for a fancier meal with interesting cocktails. Head over for more intimate get togethers like a birthday dinner with your best friends or a pre-bachelorette party meal.

Good for: Lunch, dinner, drinks, seafood, exotic cocktails, intimate gatherings

Mar’s (34-21 34th Ave. (718-685-2480)

lifeatmars.comFacebook | Instagram | Twitter



Via We Heart Astoria

Tacuba is a huge location with an extra long bar. Stop in for cocktails and fancy Mexican food for any weekend meal extravaganza.

Good for: Brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, daytime parties 10+

Tacuba (35-01 36th St.| (718) 786-2727) | Facebook Instagram Twitter


Singlecut Beersmiths, local beer at its finest.

Via We Heart Astoria

The fact that this brewery is a little out of the way makes it an ideal location for post-dinner in Astoria Drinks. The tables are big and there’s sure to be space.

Good for: big tables, affordable craft beer, lots of space, friendly staff, meat pies

SingleCut Beersmiths (19-33 37th St. (718) 606-0788)

singlecutbeer.comFacebook | Instagram | Twitter


Where do you take your big groups in Astoria? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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#26, Astoria’s Newest Bar, Joe’s Garage 45-01 23rd Avenue. Pool, Darts, Pizzas, 16 taps, great ambience, friendly staff. Come feel at home with us!!


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