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Mar 20, 2012

Spring Is Here!

spring is here – best things and places to visit when spring comes to Astoria. Join plovgh, visit a beer garden, hang out in Astoria park, think about your spring garden, brunch outside and make your own neighborhood tour

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This year it seems like spring has been with us for weeks (if not months!) but today it’s finally officially spring! Get into the warm weather mood with these great Astoria activities.

1. Finally sign up for Plovgh. 

Now’s the time to finally sign up for Plovgh, the online marketplace that helps you purchase food direct from local farmers. Soon tasty spring produce will be available- you won’t want to miss it! It looks like they already have arugula and chives, sure signs that a new season has started! (Here are some of our other favorite places to get fresh, locally grown produce.)

2. Get Outside And Drink Beer! 

One of the great things about Astoria is our rich cafe culture and beer garden scene! Take in some of this crazy nice weather over a pint at one of many beer gardens in neighborhood: Bohemian Beer Garden, Studio Square, or WunderBar. Local favorite MexiQ also has a great selection and a nice outdoor cafe space to boot.

3. Hang out in Astoria Park

The trees are budding up and the magnolias, lilacs, and dogwoods are inching towards being in full force. Pictured above is last year’s pink dogwood tree on the north side 23rd Ave close to the Park. Watch for it, as it is spectacular.

4. Think About Your Spring Garden

If you have outdoor space, a fire escape, or even a sunny window, you can grow plants. A great place for garden supplies is Verni’s  Garden Center over on Hazen Street – which I consider to be the very east edge of Astoria. They’ve got supplies for both indoor and outdoor gardening. And while you’re there, if you feel like it, walk one block east on Astoria Blvd to Jackson Hole Diner for one of their famous steam-grilled burgers, set in a classic diner atmosphere.

5. Brunch Outside

Astoria no-doubt has a strong brunch culture, and when the weather gets warm the sidewalk dining areas get busy.  You may already have your favorite outdoor haunt picked out, but some of our favorites we highly recommend are Ovelia, BareBurger,  Pachanga Patterson, and Il Bambino.  The last two offer quiet backyard seating, which is nice if you want some peace and relaxation.

6.  Make Your Own Neighborhood Tour

With so many amazing things going on in Astoria all at once, why not take advantage of the great weather to experience them with friends.  We’re not talking about an organized tour, as much as using your imagination and going back to your favorites or long awaited must-tries, and hitting them up with a group of besties.  A really fun route would be trying the eateries and shops on and around 30th Avenue (Athens Cafe for coffee, Mediterranean Foods for olives and spices, Butcher Bar for BBQ, Ovelia for feta cubes with sesame seeds, Gian Piero’s bakery for cannolis).

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