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Nov 07, 2019

Openings, Closing, Rumors: November 2019

Believe it or not, a lot has changed in the neighborhood since our last roundup in September. Let us know what else you’ve been noticing! Openings Astoriana Lots of readers (…)

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Believe it or not, a lot has changed in the neighborhood since our last roundup in September. Let us know what else you’ve been noticing!


Credit to Give Me Astoria.


Lots of readers have been interested in learning more about this taco spot, which is coming to the old QWNS Cafe space, so I wish we had more info! We are working to get in touch with the owners to learn more about the concept and opening date, so stay tuned (or let us know if you chat with anyone working there).

22-35 31st Street, Astoria

Credit to Bench Flour Bakers.

Bench Flour Bakers

Looks like this local baker has taken over the Ani’s Pizza spot! It’s coming from pastry chef Christine Yen — whose goods you may recognize from the Queens Craft Brigade and The Breakfast Shack. Yen told us it will be a “seasonal bakery, so the menu will change frequently depending on what fruits and veggies are at their peak. Everything is made from scratch and from all-natural ingredients.”

You’ll be able to find croissants and other breakfast pastries, cookies, pies and more, as well as coffee/espresso drinks, a savory breakfast and lunch menu daily, and brunch on the weekends. AND, they plan on getting a beer and wine license to do beer/wine and dessert pairings, sourcing
from local breweries.

She said they are currently going through the motions with inspections and permits with ConEd, which is taking longer than expected, but “are crossing our fingers for a December opening.”

4318 25th Ave, Astoria 


This Greek seafood restaurant is taking over the old El Boqueron space. We’ll be interviewing the new owner shortly and will write a post with all the details, including an opening date!

31-01 34th Ave, Astoria

This space will be “Astorias Secret.”

Astoria’s Secret

You may have seen this uhh….racy?….Instagram account pop up: @AstoriasSecret. They told us they are a “unique, upscale yet down-to-Earth cocktail bar looking to bring something elegant and uncommon to Astoria.” Their grand premiere will be Thanksgiving Eve, and until then they are doing exclusive “sneak premieres” every Friday and Saturday night in November. Did you get an invite? If so, let us know what it’s really about!

28-53 Steinway St, Astoria

The Yard

We noticed this signage for a brick oven pizza joint called “The Yard,” across the street from The Bonnie. Looks like they’re also hiring for all positions.

29-11 23rd Ave, Astoria

Big Vinny’s Bakery

We heard “Big Vinny’s Bakery” popped up on Astoria Blvd…and we’re wondering if it could be the new iteration of Vaccaro’s Bakery since the owner was known as “Big Vinny”? We’ll find out!

30-01 Astoria Blvd, Long Island City


Credit to Google Maps.

Tierras Colombianas

That infamous paper is covering their windows, and their phone line has been disconnected. We’ve heard it’s closed for good :(

3301 Broadway, Astoria


Image source: Leng Thai

Leng Thai

Another Broadway spot, still open for now but has been put on the market for sale.

33-09 Broadway, Astoria

Credit to Google Maps.

Igloo Cafe

UPDATE: We just heard from readers who follow the previous Igloo Cafe owners on Facebook that they’ve taken back possession of the space! They say, “Big things to come. We will once again innovate and bring something original, beautiful and different to the neighborhood just as we did in 2001 when we first opened our doors! Stay tuned…” Apparently a sign in the window says steak?

Lots of people have been DM’ing about Igloo Cafe, and sadly, it apparently closed at the end of September according to Give Me Astoria. No word yet on what will replace it.

2226 31st St, Astoria

Michael & Angelo’s

A reader let us know in the comments of our last roundup that beloved pizza joint Michael & Angelo’s has closed — see above for what is opening in its space — another pizza place called “The Yard.”

29-11 23rd Ave, Astoria

Credit to Google Maps.

ICONYC Taproom

You may not have even realized there was a brewery taproom on this quiet street, but now they’re officially moving to their LIC location, which opened earlier this year at 43-63 11th St, Long Island City.

45-13 34th Ave., Astoria


Queens Bake House

Queens Bake House has been closed for weeks, and though their Instagram says it’s “Temporarily Closed For Remodeling,” we heard it’s likely on its way out for good…

3304 Broadway, Astoria

The Bad Ass / Park Coffee

One reader noticed that the old Bad Ass cocktail bar looks like it’s being turned into “Park Coffee.” Looks like this is the “new concept” they were working on after the bar didn’t work out…more to come.

26-17 23rd Ave, Queens


Saul Arvelo

Devastated about Tierras Colombianas. Any idea why they closed or if they moved to a new location?


Any idea what’s happening in The Adriean Block spot on 21st street and Ditmars?

The Yard

Hi Kiara! No, The Yard is not a chain. We are a family owned brick oven pizzeria. Please stop by any time as we are now open!


The badass seemed cool but i have only seen the lights on inside once and before i know it they are closed what hppnd!?


To be honest, Astoria Bake House was deeply disappointing, so if they’re closed I’m not mad.

Da Man Who Spoketh!

I would love for the space below TJ Maxx to turn into a DSW. We need a great shoe store around here, and I believe it’s time for stores like that to get here.

Two thumbs down to the fast food chains. Astoria has steadily become a more health conscious community, say, in the last two decades. We love our old school haunts as well as some of the fresh ideas coming into the local food scene. Fast food chains bring the neighborhood down, in my opinion, and makes it feel like a recession hit. No thanks.


Really? A DSW? hopefully your not on old Astorian, bc astoria has become over commercial, enough with these big company and let the small mom and pop stores survive……

Patricia A Holliday

etaverna recently changed names, right next to the short lived BadAss you mentioned


Any word on the Food Emporium on Broadway? I’m beginning to think they’ll never open.


I was sad to see Igloo close. After they close the Chase bank in December there will be three empty storefronts in a row. And the space below TJ Maxx remains empty too. Blight is becoming a real problem in the Ditmars/31st Street area.


I too was sad about igloo, while its great that queens cafe is being replaced with a taqueria, there is taco bell, mojave & trucks all over. This is why certain places don’t last long. I wish them all the best of luck. I really wish they would open a trader joes, whole foods etc. An affordable decent market with quality options. I mean taco bell really?


I say an Aldi or a ShopRite where the Green Apple supermarket was on 21st Street off 40th Avenue. With the parking lot and the bus lines nearby, they’d make some money!


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