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Jan 24, 2018

Queens Comfort is Closing, So What’s Next?

It’s confirmed: Queens Comfort is closing AND relocating.

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Queens Comfort during the recent bombogenesis

Well, this is truly the end of an era—Queens Comfort is closing on February 4. Did you catch their farewell message on Instagram?

“We have some bittersweet news we’d like to share. On February 4, 2018, Queens Comfort will be closing its doors at our current location, 40-09 30th Avenue. Although it will mark the end of an era, you have certainly not seen the last of us. Please stay tuned for more details, and come by and help us say farewell to the place during the next two weeks.

T”hanks for your support and for all the amazing memories we have from the last seven years. It’s been a true blessing.”

I was at one of the early meals there and really enjoyed the food. Over the years they really became known for their brunches, cake donuts, and over the top dishes that hearkened back to childhood—comfort food, if you will.

A collage of my first meal at Queens Comfort.

So what’s next? We’ve heard from a number of people that have come forth with their ideas, which all center around Queens Comfort moving into a new space. On Monday, January 22 Queens Comfort put together a video that addresses exactly that issue and confirms—they are moving.

We have bought into the Peanut Butter World location (36-18 30th Ave, the old location of Sugarfreak and before that Sabor Tropical) as their new location. Queens Comfort folks are being tight-lipped about it all, so we’ll continue to do our research and reach out to them. If you have any tips on this story, we are happy to hear them, so drop us a line! UPDATE 1/25/18: This confirms it.

Whatever they do, though, I hope they have space to dedicate to the work of the one, the only, Donut Diva. Her donuts are crazy good and deserve a more prominent spot in Queens Comfort 2.0.

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FYI, Caffino on Crescent unceremoniously closed this past weekend. Signage was already taken down


Pretty sure the guy reading the newspaper in the video is the same guy in the Peanut Butter World promo video. So I say you’re right about that and they are pulling an epic prank.


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