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Nov 09, 2017

RUMOR RUMOR: Peanut Butter World on 30th Ave, What the Heck?

Apparently Peanut Butter World is opening on 30th Avenue in January 2018 – but is it for real?

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So, over the past week I’ve been getting questions about this new business in Astoria, Peanut Butter World, located in the old Sugarfreak space (which before that was home to the late, great Sabor Tropical, land of Brazilian barbecue meats, and is still missed) and scheduled to open in January 2018. I must admit, it’s a bizarro idea for a shop/restaurant—an entire place dedicated to peanut butter? Seriously? However, this kind of thing is not unprecedented—remember Empire Mayonnaise that opened in Prospect Heights in 2012? And there is a peanut butter centric store in Amsterdam.

Upon further research, asking around about the place, and receiving reader tips, it looks like we have a full-blown crazy rumor wafting throughout the Astoria internets: that Peanut Butter World is a fake. Not real. Instead, the location is actually going to be the new location of Queens Comfort, and they are pranking all of Astoria. Yes, that’s the rumor—and we love it!

If Queens Comfort were to move to that new location (36-13 30th Avenue), it could give them a sweet space with hopefully more room than they have now. It would also put them on the other side on Steinway on a busier block than they are on now, with a better opportunity for outdoor seating. And if, on the other hand, Peanut Butter World was legit and were to open there, it would certainly be unique, albeit an allergy-exacerbating experience to a subset of Astorians.


And what would happen to the old Queens Comfort space for the remainder of their lease? They’d have to do something about that. As is the case with this mystery, Astorians have their opinions, and an anonymous tipster offers these suggestions—a pop-up restaurant, a coffee shop, and/or a private event space.

Personally, if I had to guess, I’d go with the rumor—that it’s a prank, if only from what the Peanut Butter World Instagram account has to offer as their content. Through the glory of stock photography posted by that account, I’ve now learned that there is such a thing as peanut butter soda (and it’s not even from Jones!)—and I kinda want to try it. Also in the “try it” realm—peanut butter and bacon on a burger. Seriously, it’s a winner. Anyway, you just never know in this day and age with people trying out all sorts of business models—Peanut Butter World could really be something.

So for now, we’ll just have to keep an eye on things and see if the rumor proves to be true or not. We will pass on any information we get to you—and by the way, what do you think? Is this a legit biz or a nutty prank (see what I did there)? Leave us a comment.

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Paul Goode

Btw. Bowery Bay at Ditmars & 21st has French Toast with a healthy dollop of hand crunched chunky peanut butter on top! Inspired by Elvis. I’m addicted to it. Served at brunch and dinner. Chicken and waffles is so summer of 2017. Best bacon in Astoria too!


Well, Peanut Butter @ Co survived in the village for something like 16 years, so it’s not exactly unprecedented. Also, I think I might be the only person in Astoria that thinks Queens Comfort is horrifically overrated.


If these rumours are true (possible location change for Queens Comfort), it would be great to have a workshop that does good-quality framing in Astoria.

Peenuttsio "small man" Nibs, Mangrotto!

Not sure about this one here…….For an allergy-triggering (i.e. for peanut-sensitive people) peanut butter establishment to be successfully bellyful in Astoria, I think it’s got to be super duper doggy friendly!!!!!!! Think about this: Organic, high-quality peanut butter and peanut-buttery doggy treats and ready-to-eat human food menu items. A unique business angle catering to Astorian dog owners would be a flavorful success!


It really wouldn’t be all that odd if it were real. Peanut Butter & Co. had a shop at Washington Square for years.


i’ve been advocating for peanut butter on burgers for years. always a good move. not always. sometimes. try it though!


Queens Comfort used to have a burger with peanut butter and bacon on it a few years ago. Intriguing! They could always turn the original location into a full sized version of their donut window place. That would be nice!


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