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Nov 08, 2017

Food News Roundup, Post-Election Day Edition

A roundup of recent food news in Astoria and LIC.

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The inside of Bean’s & Lager, one of the places opening up soon in Astoria.

Well, Election Day certainly provided some interesting results across the country. Here’s some good food news on top of it.

Michelin Bib Gourmands 2018

Did you catch the list of the recent Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants? Astoria and LIC are represented by Arharn Thai, Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna, HinoMaru Ramen, John Brown Smokehouse, and Mu Ramen; Basil Brick Oven was dropped off the list. Eater put ‘em all in a handy-dandy map, too.

Boishakhi on Hungry City

Ligaya Mishan of the NY Times’s Hungry City column hit up 36th Ave again, this time venturing into Bangladeshi restaurant Boishakhi. It sounds pretty good—have you been? 29-14 36th Avenue, Astoria

ICYMI: The Dutchess Bar & resto royale

We reached out to the folks behind The Baroness about their new place, The Dutchess bar & resto royale, for more information—we mentioned them in a recent real estate post. They dropped this tidibit and we look forward to learning more: “We are still in the final stages of opening—dealing with the Department of Buildings. The Dutchess bar & resto royale is completed, just waiting on the sign-off.” 32-04 38th Avenue, LIC

QWNS Cafe is Hiring, Opening Planned for  December

QWNS Cafe, in the old Last Stop space, is hiring, and they expect to be open in early December. We reported on it this past January, when the news was that they were going to be called QNS Cafe. QWNS Cafe is a new venture by Cavo founder Dino Philippou. 22-35 31st Street, Astoria

Uncle Jack’s Meat House Update

Meat House owner Willie Degel recently posted this update on his Facebook page:

“DITMARS BLVD, ASTORIA QUEENS NEW YORK YEAH BOYYYYY, over the next few weeks we will Be hiring and training up a staff of about 60 people, are you ready ?? I know I am! 5 day event soft opening for friends and loyal supporters of Uncle Jacks brands right after Thanksgiving, stay tuned to all our posts and updates!”

They had a “job fair” last weekend and are looking to hire36-16 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Surprise Property Sale near Ditmars

The late, great DNAinfo (RIP) published a story recently about the sale of a bunch of buildings on 31st Street, including Rose & Joe’s, which recently freshened up their space. Turns out the owner of Rose and Joe’s, Anna Porretto, knew about the sale but is sure that it won’t make a difference as far as bakery operations. In her words, “It didn’t affect anything. We’re staying put.” That’s a relief.

Bean’s & Lager Will Finally Open

According to their Instagram account, Bean’s & Lager will be open for business on Thursday, November 16. They put out a call for hiring a couple of weeks ago. 33-01 36th Avenue, Astoria

Indie LIC Opens This Week

Head to new restaurant Indie LIC for a party this week! According to their Instagram:

“WE ARE OPENING… this week but first we are having a #PARTY this Thursday November 9th at 8pm to all of our new Instagram followers you are invited to come check us out. #licnyc #new #wine #beer #snacks #queens please come we are excited to show you our #stuff but Thursday is kind of a secret so please tell your close friends but not your not close friends cause we want to break it in slow if you know what I️ mean.”

LIC Court Square first posted about it. They recently had a call for hiring. Looks like they’ll be offering salads, sandwiches, cheese and meat plates, breakfast, and probably a bunch of other things. 43-10 Crescent Street, LIC

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The name “Bean’s & Lager” is so painful to look at that I will find it hard to go there. Grammar is important, folks ! I tried talking with the owners a number of months ago about this, but they didn’t seem to understand the “beans” vs “bean’s” deal…

Big John stud

Anyone have any idea what’s going on with The Queens Kickshaw new place? Radio silence and they were supposed to open last month.


Wondering the same thing! I purchased their opening week pre-fixe dinner package and have been patiently waiting for it to open…

Meg Cotner

We’ve been keeping our ears on the ground about this one and doing LOTS of internet research, but no update. Will continue to be on the lookout for news – we are crazy curious ourselves!


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