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May 18, 2017

Beans & Lager To Open Soon in Astoria

36th Avenue, get ready – Bean’s & Lager is opening soon!

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Recently we got a tip that a once lonely space in Astoria is set to be a lively neighborhood gathering place, named Bean’s & Lager. Its address is 33-01 36th Avenue, on the corner of 36th Avenue and 33rd Street. Their Facebook page describes them as, “Cafe-Bar and Restaurant with delicious fusion Cuisine that combine elements of different culinary tradition, inspiration from Italy, France, USA and more.” We wanted to learn more about them so we reached out and were delighted to hear back from one of the people behind the project, Ayda Calos.

One of my burning questions was regarding the old Vikingo’s Dungeon space (home to metal and cheap drinks) on 33rd Street next to the long-time closed J & F Deli on the corner. I wondered if that location was part of Bean’s & Lager, and Ayda responded, “The deli and the Viking dungeon was merged into one space. We excavated a huge basement which spans the entire first floor. We also added a huge terrace on top of where Vikings Dungeon used to be.” There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a serious improvement over the “twilight zoned bar” it was years ago.

Moving on, the idea behind Bean’s & Lager is that it will be a welcoming, trendy spot in Astoria that provides delicious food, drink, and a full bar, as well as serving as a coffee house, and a presenter live events. Regarding the food, Ayda says, “We will provide a Mediterranean fusion of classic entrees, appetizers and desserts. We’ll prepare our menu with fresh ingredients, market foods and seasonal products daily. We will also be serving our savory Bean’s & Lager Burger with our secret blend of ground beef and spices. Our desserts will be prepared and served in-house.”

She continues, “We have a thirty-foot bar which will be serving the most popular spirits, signature drinks and fine wines. We will carry twelve craft beer taps from several different local breweries for all craft beer aficionados.”


Photo credit: Bean’s & Lager

The coffee house element should be able to satisfy a variety of tastes. “Our coffee house will serve a wide variety of different brews including all the essentials, i.e. Latte, espresso, mochaccino, cappuccino, frappuccino, liqueur coffees, etc,” explains Ayda. “The question is no longer what kind of coffee you want—dark roast, breakfast blend, etc.—but how you want that coffee made. We will offer different brewing styles such as Chemex, French press, coffee cone, etc. Our coffee will be carefully ground and measured to ensure a fresh cup every time.”

They will be offering outdoor dining in the aforementioned garden terrace, and look forward to offering a full corner sidewalk café, too.

Live events will also be varied. “Our stage has a premium audio and lighting system that will create an unforgettable experience during live events,” says Ayda. “Some events will include comedy, musical groups and instrumental ensembles. We will make all of our patrons feel at home with a top notch and experienced staff.”

Ayda tells us where they been diligently working for over two years on this project. “We hope that all the time and effort we put into it will show to the public upon opening day,” she remarks. “Right now, we are in the process of obtaining all of our permits and licenses in order to open; the place is completed and ready to open once the permits kick in. We are very excited about our place and hope everyone in Astoria will be as well!”

Thanks for giving us an introduction to Bean’s and Lager, Ayda! We look forward to checking it out when you’re open.

Bean’s and Lager (33-01 36th Avenue, Astoria. 718-932-5777)
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