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Jan 04, 2017

January 2017 Astoria Closings, Openings, and Sales News

An update on closings, openings, and sales of restaurants and retail in Astoria.

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We noticed there are a bunch of little tidbits regarding openings, closings, and notable businesses for sale in Astoria (and one in LIC), so we thought we’d share them here as a group. First, the sad/bad news.


astor-bake-shop-astoria-queensFirst, one that for me is a total gut punch—the closing of Astor Bake Shop (12-23 Astoria Blvd). From their Facebook page:

“Many thanks to all of you who were patrons of Astor Bake Shop & Restaurant. Unfortunately we will not be reopening but wanted to express our appreciation to our patrons. we loved our little corner of Astoria and will miss it dearly. May you all have a Healthy and Happy New Year. All the best for 2017!”

With Astor Bake Shop leaving and the old Hellgate Social/Pop Bar space still empty, it’s a big commercial hole in the immediate the area, which is seeing some development.


And then there’s the closing of Cavo (42-18 31st Ave), which just feels like the end of an era. There were announcements on their Facebook page, including the straightforward, “Cavo will close its doors for good after our NYE bash!!! Happy New Year.” A lot of folks are lamenting the end of a place that represented their 20s. Dino Philippou, a Cavo owner, has a new place in the works—more on that below.


We mentioned MexiBBQ’s closing (37-11 30th Ave), and are looking forward to seeing what they will put together for their “new concept,” whatever that is.


We’ve heard that beloved Astoria thai restaurant Wave Thai will also close, likely in February. The building is on the block that has been completely sold. Here are some of the notable businesses at risk:


Photo credit: Daniel P. on Facebook

Bargain Stop (33-03 30th Avenue) is closing, and word on the street is that it will be gone by the 28th.

Openings, Now and To Come


Blend (37-17 30th Ave) has their awnings up and will open later this month. And the new location of Greenbay (31-10 30th Ave) is now open.


Nature’s Soul Organic Cafe (33-04 Broadway) is opening where that oft-shuttered nightclub ICE used to be, and is hiring a chef, which means they are opening soon. Facebook confirms it. They’ll offer organic food (obvs), both conventional and cold pressed juices, acai bowls, wraps, and other dishes deemed healthy.


Later this spring QNS Cafe will open, located in the old Last Stop space (22-35 31st Street). They have a website up as well as an Instagram account, which has details of their offerings in the header: “From scratch baked goods, gluten free, raw, vegan, organic salads, Joe’s Coffee NYC, cold pressed juices.” This is the new venture from Cavo’s Dino Philippou.

For Sale


Brazilian restaurant Malagueta (25-35 36th Ave) is for sale. Particularly notable in the listing is that rent is $3500/month, which seems pretty good:

“Well know restaurant is for sale in the heart of Astoria, This 40 seat restaurant currently serving Brazilian and Continental cuisine. Liquor license in place included. All fixtures and equipment stays. Long term lease in place and rent is only $3500 per month for close to 1000 sq ft. plus basement. Family friendly. Friendly party atmosphere on the weekends.”



If you have anything to add to this list, leave us a comment!

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George Ost

Walk up and down Steinway Street and count the amount of stores that are vacant. Rents are absurd !!! Compare that to residential rent : $1,100 for a room !!. Headlines of the Daily News said the middle class is becoming extinct. In NYC.

David G

El Olivio was my favorite restaurant, I’d travel from Rego Park to enjoy the food and friendly staff. What a shame.


Right across from Vidali’s. Another stupid move by another Astoria owner
Let’s put a pizza spot in 100 feet from another pizza spot. Yay

That sucks about Wave Thai. No one should be building up here. Ditmars area should be left alone

John J Gianfortune

Ross’s pizza is very famous and it’s name alone will cary it very far!


Looks like whatever new restaurant took the place of Burnside Biscuits/Astoria Cafe is opening soon, they just installed all new windows and took off the paper


I saw today that the old location of Simply Fit on astoria boulevard is going to become a Paint and Wine place ! They have their awning up so maybe they will open before summer!


Bargain Stop (30th Ave and 33rd St.) is closing. The furniture branch a few doors down is now closed as well. It’s safe to assume all three buildings that made up that store are going to be knocked down and replaced by something too tall for the neighborhood.


Yep, the people working there said the owner sold the building and plans to build a “high rise” in it’s place


If we can find out when the community board meeting is, and if we get people together to organise, we can make a case against such an inappropriate construction. If anyone is interested, lmk here.


They aren’t selling and you can’t put a high rise here because of zoning
There’s a sign on the building that says for lease for the entire corner space, including retail
Does anyone look at things when they walk by?
There is no record of sale online anywhere. Ownership shows the same entity for the last 7 years

So much gossip on this town

Zoning districts C4-2A ?
Zoning map 9a
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Residential FAR 3
Commercial FAR 3
Facility FAR 3
FAR as built 1.97 ?
Allowed usable floor area 14,751
Usable floor area as built 9,686


Does anyone know about any community meetings regarding this development on 31st avenue? I live nearby and would like to know more about the impending changes.

Ashley Falzone

Bargain goods on 30th is closing too!! Which was so useful for cheap and fast home goods :(


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