Apr 14, 2017

Astoria In Trailers – Spider Man Homecoming and Going In Style

Check out Astoria in the recent film trailers for Spider Man Homecoming and Going in Style.

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By Atomox, Previously published: Flickr, CC BY-SA 3.0

As you may know, Astoria is a favorite locale for filming movies and TV shows—the Jim Gaffigan Show, Orange is the New Black, and The Americans come to mind, and then there’s that Lottery commercial filmed at MOMI. Those yellow and pink signs are up all over the neighborhood announcing what’s filming and when to move your car, and although it can be a hassle, it’s still pretty cool that Astoria is so desirable a place for film studios (not to mention one of the most important on the east coast, Kaufman Astoria Studios, is right here in town).

It has come to my attention that a couple of new movies show locations in Astoria (and nearby areas)—I always find it thrilling to see the neighborhood on the big screen. Here are some screenshots I grabbed while watching these trailers. First, Spider Man Homecoming, starring Tom Holland as Spider Man:


A view of the Triboro Bridge from the Astoria Blvd subway station.


31st Street near the Ditmars stop looking south. You can see Sweet Spot and the corner pharmacy there on the right.


Here’s the 7 train in Sunnyside between the 46th and 40th Street stations.


A view of the 7 train arch, likely somewhere in Sunnyside.


On the left you can see that odd building with the angled roof (East River Tower) by Socrates Sculpture Park. Spider Man is swinging somewhere in central Astoria.


Now, this is a little bit of a mystery. I think it’s by one of the 21st Street stations in LIC—maybe by Manducatis?

Next, Going In Style, starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin.


A classic shot featuring the Hell Gate and Triboro Bridges. Shore Towers is on the left.


The Triboro as seen from Old Astoria Village, looking toward Astoria Park

ditmars-park-going-in-styleHere they are playing bocce at Ditmars Park on Steinway Street.


Bocce balls at Ditmars Park.

And while it’s not in Astoria, it’s always fun to see the Goodfellas Diner in Maspeth. They renamed it Nat’s Diner for the movie.


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