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Jun 06, 2014

Orange is the New Black On Location in Astoria

We pinpoint popular Orange Is the New Black sightings in Astoria as well as show you ways that Astoria businesses are celebrating the second season release.

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orange-is-the-new-blackFor all you Orange is the New Black fans, you’ve no doubt been impatiently awaiting today’s big Season 2 release.  Here at We Heart Astoria, we’re all big fans, as we’ve enjoyed binge watching the show and also following its Astoria sightings.  Truth be told that the show is taped right here in Kaufman Astoria studios, which is awesome, as well as on location at several neighborhood establishments.  Meg summed it up well last year in her mega OITNB play by play post.  Here, we’d like to highlight not only the recent neighborhood sightings of the cast and crew but also ways in which Astorians are getting ready.

Look out for these Astoria locales while watching the show. A big thanks to our readers for submitting these juicy nuggets of information.

Sunswick OITNB Picture

Image credit: Emily Rios

Keep an eye out for a scene in front of Sunswick Bar.  Our own, Emily spotted Jason Biggs filming out front!

Image by Carole Ann S.

Image by Carole Ann S.

Our reader Jenny spotted a shoot on 23rd Avenue and 27th Street right by Bartunek Hardware.

lockwood_interiors01The We Heart Astoria crew noticed a taping locale while on our way to Lockwood.  Mackenzi had seen them shooting and even met most of the crew, including Black Cindy.

Image by

Image by

Reader Kirby tells us that “[At] The train station right there off of Steinway St, you can probably catch cast members heading to work! I used to live on 38th st and 34th ave just down the street from the film studio. I twice ran into the actress who plays Big Boo and may or may not (definitely did) have an awkward stare off with her… sorry boo lol.”

sweets first bakeshopReader Christine revealed that she’s spotted the crew filming in front of the Sweets First Bakery on 35th Street near 35th Avenue.

OITNB - Ice and ViceOur friends from Ice and Vice are celebrating OITNB in their own sweet way.  And we mean that literally, as they’ve created a special Orange is the New Black ice cream flavor, consisting of mango sorbet with black sesame ganache.  Meg and I had the pleasure of trying it last weekend at the Astoria Flea and thought it was vibrant and interesting.  We highly recommend it!

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