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Oct 08, 2013

More Orange is the New Black in Astoria

Orange is the New Black is back with a new season and taping again in Astoria.

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Orange_is_the_new_black_astoriaUpdate:  Even though the folks behind OITNB are keeping all the juicy deets of today’s shoot under wraps, we did find out that the Taylor Schilling (aka Piper Chapman) will be in nabe, filming another scene around Kaufman Astoria.  Look out ya’ll and please send over any pics or further scoop.  We’ll be watching out as well!

**Looks like today’s scene on 33rd St featured a Black Cindy plot line, and was wrapped up by 1pm! I had a chance to meet quite a bit of the crew (and a few cast members, too!) and let them know how much Astoria loves their show. -Mackenzi**

We were pretty darn excited to see that one of our favorite shows, Orange is the New Black is back at it again for another season and it’s yet again filming in Astoria.  The shoot, as you can see will take place this Thursday, October 10th, and it’ll be right outside of Mackenzi’s Lockwood in the 33rd St./Broadway area.  We couldn’t be more excited and will be watching all the action take place.

There’s been other OITNB sightings in the nabe recently, around 37th Street and 28th Avenue, so there’s always something exciting to take note of.  We’ll be documenting all the action as it takes place and urge you to email us if you know any more – we’ll be posting about it on Thursday.  Or…if you’d like to hit us up on Twitter @weheartastoria or directly on Facebook, that’s great too.  Can’t wait to see how it all unravels on Thursday and which cast of characters will make it out!

For more insider OITNB scoop, check out Meg’s epic post, which features lots of Astoria locales which have been the backdrops of past episodes.

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