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Apr 18, 2017

Astoria Ferry Update

The Astoria Ferry arrives in August 2017.

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News about the Astoria Ferry has been circulating recently, and we’re happy for the updates. Looks like Astoria is third in line for a launch this year, with the Rockaway line launching first in May—this is really good news for them, as they can definitely use more transit options. The South Brooklyn route launches in June, and Astoria will launch in August. Perhaps a little disappointing that we won’t see it sooner, but just imagine how lovely it will be to take the ferry on a warm afternoon. Nice.

As a reminder, rides will cost $2.75 each way (the current price of a one-way fare) and with Citywide Ferry you’ll be able to connect to the Roosevelt Island, Long Island City, Midtown and Lower Manhattan (in that order) docks. East River Ferry lines will be absorbed by Citywide Ferry and that means those fares will go down from $4 on weekdays and $6 on weekends (quite pricey compared to Citywide Ferry). The Astoria dock will be located by the Astoria Houses just off Vernon Blvd.

Additional fare options: your bike costs a buck per ride; $121 gets you a 30-day pass and you can add your bike to that for an additional $20 for a total of $141. Seniors and disabled folks can save 50% on a 30-day pass. You’ll be able to buy your tickets via the website, and app, a ticket agent or ticket vending machine.

Probably the most eagerly awaited information for the Astoria line is the schedule, which has been published. Details for Astoria:

The first departure will be at 6:30am and ferries will leave every 20 minutes until 10:10am. After that departures will be every 40 minutes until the last one at 8:30pm.

The first arrival will be at 7:38am and ferries will arrive every 20 minutes until 9:28am. In the evenings, arrivals happen every 20 minutes between 4:28pm and 9:47pm. In between, departures will be around every 40 minutes.

The first departure will be at 6:30am and ferries will leave every 35-45 minutes.
The last arrival will be at 10:28pm and ferries will arrive every 35-45 minutes.

This is going to be a great option for Astorians living on the west side or for neighbors who would like to travel in a way that is not via the subway, bus, or car. Plus, the ride time is shorter—from the Astoria waterfront to Wall Street it takes over an hour by transit as it stands; the ride via ferry is estimated at 38 minutes. It’s a little over 20 minutes to get from the Astoria dock to Midtown/34th Street; it’s around the same by bus and train, but perhaps a more pleasant trip.

In general, I’m glad to see the expansion of ferry service, and when the full complement of routes are in place, it’s going to add great functionality to the transit system in NYC. The lower fare than East River Ferry offered is key. But even with those higher fares, I loved taking the ferry from LIC to Brooklyn—it was always so pleasant. Summers were particularly nice and it’s fun to see the city in a different way. If you are on the water as the sun sets, it’s particularly magical.

Here’s to many magical (and practical) ferry rides to come.

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