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Dec 16, 2015

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12-Queens Comfort

Our sixth annual 12 Days of Giveaways is unfortunately coming to a close. Thousands (over 5,000 to be exact!) of you have joined in our holiday giveaway shenanigans. Take comfort (…)

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12 Days of Giveaways_2015 LogoOur sixth annual 12 Days of Giveaways is unfortunately coming to a close. Thousands (over 5,000 to be exact!) of you have joined in our holiday giveaway shenanigans. Take comfort in the fact that we’ll be back here again next year, and today’s giveaway can provide a lot of that comfort.

Queens_Comfort_BrunchIn today’s final giveaway we’ve got a prize fit for Royalty, from the Queens Comfort. The winner (and a guest of their choice) will be crowned the King & Queen of Brunch!

Chicken & Waffles_Queens ComfortYou and your fellow monarch will each enjoy a three course Sunday brunch with a bottle of champagne for the table. Additionally, you’ll each get one of Queens Comfort’s brand new t-shirts; awesome new design below!

T-shirt design_Queens Comfort

Finally, as if all the above wasn’t giveaway enough, the winner will also get to enter the mind of  the infamous Donut Diva. You’ll get to design your very own doughnut that will be featured the day of your brunch!!

Photo Credit: Queens Comfort

Photo Credit: Queens Comfort

As usual, enter to win below, and good luck!

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Queens Comfort (4009 30th Ave, Astoria) | (718) 728-2350
queenscomfort.comFacebook Instagram Twitter

This post is sponsored by Queens Comfort. Thanks for supporting the brands that support We Heart Astoria.

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This would be ah-maazzinngg!!! I love the atomic fire balls and the chicken and waffles, but I think being Queen of Brunch means I would have to try something new! Donut design TBD :)


I would love a fruity pebbles inspired donut. The biscuits and rosemary sage sausage gravy is always a must for me at brunch. Also, I love the fireballs and the disco tots. I am hungry even typing this!

Charles Harkins

I would likely choose the Argentinian beef empanadas, “South by Southwest” Benedict, and the pumpkin Whoopie pie with maple cream cheese. As for the donut, I am still contemplating the possibilities.


Disco Tots to start banana nutella French toast end with pumpkin whoopie pie. Idea for donut powder with nutella filling


I would have to go with Atomic Fire Balls, Hobbit Eggs Benedict and definitely a doughnut to end it. For the doughnut design… I would love if it included some fruity pebbles, a glaze and maybe a fresh fruit to make me feel better about the fruity pebbles?


I have been a dedicated Queens Comfort and Donut Diva Instagram follower for a while now…however, I have never actually experienced the pure foodie deliciousness that everyone talks about-yet.

I am from Suffolk County, and planned to go to Queens Comfort on June 26th, 2015 for my birthday…and never made it! Say it aint so, right? But, I have not stopped, hoping, wishing, & trying, to walk through those sweet, sweet doors.

What really struck a cord with me was Donut Diva’s success. I had a cupcakery out of my home for a while- and loved it. Eventually, I was established enough to start marketing my product to nearby cafes…but around the same time, a full time job opportunity came knocking at my door. So, I decided to put my dream on hold.

Anyway, I love supporting fellow bakers. I can not pick out any particular menu items since I have only been living through Instagram photos for what feels like all of eternity, but I would love to have a conversation with Donut Diva and discuss what flavors she thinks work together- I am inspired by her bold combinations!!


I’d start with the french toast balls…sooo good! And then I’d either choose the eggs mcruffin or the bacon avocado benedict..2 of my favorites!


I have not eaten here in almost a year. I would love to go back as Queen/King for a special brunch.
I like the cicken and waffles but not sure if they even have that anymore. When I win I will know what I ate!


As for my 3-course menu: I’d start with the disco tots (because…tots), then have the fried green tomato benedict AND the nutella/banana stuffed french toast because having sweet and savory together is the best!! As for the donut, maybe a chocolate/peppermint combo!


Brunch at Queens Comfort AND you get to design your own donut?!? I’m dying. Please pick me so I can die of happiness and biscuits.


I mean, I’d probably put anything that they cooked in my mouth but I’m especially partial to egg sandwiches with lots of hot sauce.


Queens Comfort is amazing. How can I choose only 3 things for my 3 course brunch? I think I would get Atomic Fireballs, Black & Gold pancakes or Nutella and Banana French Toast, and Cinnabon bread pudding. But it is hard to choose, because literally everything here is good.

Donut design is harder, but something sweet and spicy.


Well, first I’d require that the king of brunch order completely different items so we can try more of their AMAZING menu. Then I think I’d get the Captain Crunch French Toast Balls, one of the Benedicts (probably the Big Easy) and clearly, the donut of the day that I helped to create (or maybe I’d order that separately and instead treat myself to the Bread Pudding). Too may good choices!!


Queens comfort is the best! I absolutely live for the chicken and waffles. I would probably just have three courses of that but I know that won’t happen.


This is an AMAZING giveaway!!! How my boyfriend and I would absolutely love to win this. He is so obsessed with Queens Comfort. Plus, we love Avatar. They are also droppin the beats, making brunch a great time with friends. We are just around the corner, and give them lots of business :)) Please please pick us!


Disco tots, avocado & bacon Benedict, pumpkin cookie! As for donut, plain donut with salted caramel glaze and sprinkled with praline pieces.


I haven’t been to Queens Comfort in far too long – would love another reason for a return trip!


I’m basically the donut queen anyway, so I should have this one in the bag! I’d start with Captain Crunch French toast balls (obviously), move on to The American Hardcore Benedict, and finish with a pumpkin whoopie pie because brunch is basically lunch and why can’t you have dessert with lunch?


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