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Jul 15, 2015

Dirty Pickle Martinis & Affogatos: Stand Out Items to Try at 9 Different Spots

Sometimes, there’s that one dish that just calls to you. Whenever you enter this spot, your head tells you to try something new, but your stomach tells you to stick (…)

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Sometimes, there’s that one dish that just calls to you. Whenever you enter this spot, your head tells you to try something new, but your stomach tells you to stick to the deliciousness you know so well.

Here are 8 interesting and standout dishes from 9 different places very different places. Some are really excellent versions of classics — and some rare and wacky (in a good way). They just might become your new go-to!


Captain Crunch Breaded Chicken Fingers

When I saw this on the menu, childhood memories came flooding back and I knew I had to try it. The chicken itself is perfectly juicy, and the Captain Crunch is crushed into a fine powder. The siracha bacon dipping sauce makes this dish an unexpected combo of all things awesome.

Baked Cap'n Crunch Chicken like Planet Hollywood's

Photo credit: Nathan Davison

Queens Comfort

4009 30th Ave, Astoria

Nopales Salad or Nopales with Eggs

If you’re vegetarian, this is something to add to your repertoire. Nopales are cactus, sautéed and grilled. The salad includes healthy chunks of queso, giant slices of avocado, and tomatoes. You can also get nopales and eggs, just as interesting and delicious.

El Grill Athens Cafe Nopales
Photo via Emily Miethner

El Grill

30-11 30th Ave | (718) 777-5366


Macho Fries

Bareburger tweeted about this special menu item and while I had a friend in town, and we splurged. The dish was a (un)healthy portion of fries-as-nachos with cheese, guacamole, salsa, and more.


23-01 31st St

The Affogato

An affogato is espresso with ice cream — an amazing and indulgent treat. Astoria Coffee gets their ice cream come from Ice & Vice, a local ice cream company, with flavors like MILK MONEY $$$ (Toasted Milk, Sea Salt, Chocolate Ganache) and BASIC B (Mexican Vanilla, Black Lava Sea Salt).

Astoria Coffee

30-04 30th St

Breakfast Panini 

Looking for something to splurge on? Il Bambino, famous for their paninis, also makes breakfast paninis. They all include scrambled eggs, potatoes, and cheese, with your choice of meats like sopressata or bacon.

Photo via Rebecca R. Norris (

Il Bambino

34-08 31st Ave | (718) 626-0087

Brisket Tacos

While Astoria has some great options for BBQ & Mexican, few dishes are as tasty as MexiBBQs Brisket Tacos. Served with a delicious creamy corn salsa and crunchy taco slaw, these tacos are addicting.

Photo via MexiBBQ


37-11 30th Ave | (718) 626-0333

General Tso’s Protein

JuJube Tree achieves a rare feat for a vegan restaurant, satisfying even the most die hard carnivores. Try JuJube Trees’ General Tso’s Protein served with a large portion of brown rice. Also – check out their lunch special menu, some of the biggest portions you’ll find for under $10!

JuJube Tree

35-02 30th Ave | (718) 545-1888


Dirty Pickle Martini

For lovers of the pickle back shot, Sweet Afton brings you a delightful and simple cocktail: Tito’s vodka and McClure’s pickles.

Sweet Afton

30-09 34th St | (718) 777-2570


Guinness & Prosciutto Donut

The owner of Gossip Coffee is know for his crazy donut flavors. I didn’t think this particular one would be good, but it’s such an odd combo, I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised! It’s of course on the savory side, which is nice if you’re not a fan of sweets that are too sweet. The donut itself is a bit crispy and almost like fried dough, which was delicious. It had the perfect amount of prosciutto on it, adding kicks of flavor to each bite.

We Heart Astoria Gossip Coffee Donut Guinness and ProsciuttoPhoto via Emily Miethner


Gossip Coffee

37-04 30th Ave., Astoria | 718.440.8792


What are your favorite dishes in Astoria? Share in the comments!

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It’s affogato! Not to be confused with fegato, which is liver, or affagato, which means… nothing.

Affogato comes from the Italian word affogare, which means to drown.


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