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Dec 06, 2019

Astoria Interiors: Artistic and Textured on 30th Avenue

BY: ANNA DORE Welcome back to another edition of Astoria Interiors, a series where we go inside neighborhood homes to showcase design on the most local level. Today we head (…)

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Welcome back to another edition of Astoria Interiors, a series where we go inside neighborhood homes to showcase design on the most local level. Today we head into an Astoria designer’s bright one-bedroom on 30th Avenue, brimming with colorful art and creative shelving solutions. Look closely: you won’t want to miss a single joyful detail in this Astoria abode.

Remember, if you’d like to submit your home, please send a selection of six well-lit photos (including captions) and a series of responses to these questions. Send your submission to with “Astoria Interiors” in the subject line. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Name: Michelle Kurzner

Social handle: @mkmeapizzza @thepalettecleanse ← Follow for fun and laughs!

Location:  30th Ave

Years lived: 4 months (Astoria resident for 4 years)

Size (# of bedrooms, bathrooms): 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Tell us a bit about you and your Astoria apartment: I recently moved from 35th ave to 30th ave and I completely adore the new neighborhood and my new space. I am a Digital Product Designer at Disney, but love making things, crafting and drawing on the side. See @thepalettecleanse for a taste of some of my illustration work!

The gallery wall has continued to grow from move to move with pieces that I’ve collected or made. I always light candles in here – thank you Lockwood Astoria.

Describe your design aesthetic in 5 words or less: artistic & textured, modern & cozy.

The fridge is covered with old pictures and paper memories, which makes the simple design homier. The extra counter space has also been so valuable for cooking and such an upgrade from my old space.

What’s your favorite room and why?

The one thing I didn’t love at the start was the bathroom because it was on the smaller side with a funky shower layout, but with some TLC it’s truly become the most joyful little space. I knew the vibe of the shower curtain was going to carry the room, so I made sure to pick a pattern that made me smile. With a few crafty additions like shelves and under sink storage, it became such a sweet and functional space.

Thinking up how to create extra storage in this small space was a good challenge.

Most prized piece?

Corner blue velvet chair. I made this little area with my boyfriend in mind. He loves to read and has a strong meditation practice, so I wanted to make sure he had a comfortable spot to do his favorite things. It’s also so soft!

My plant mom skills have been strengthening over the past year – I get all my greenery from Annis Florals on 30th ave and 31st street.

What part of your home are you most proud of?

I’m excited about my most recent improvement, the shelves! Styling them with some of my favorite books and tchotchkes was very fun, and I was able to upcycle some thrifted items like the vases using spray paint. I also learned a lot through the installation – because being handy is a true #lifegoal of mine. 

Installing shelves was a great way to utilize vertical space and showcase some of the things I love.

Favorite local element?

I got this funky mirror from Hour Children’s Shop on Steinway, I’m so obsessed with it.

Wall mirror from Hour Children’s Shop on Steinway – I always head over there when I want to add something funky to a modern space.

Best apartment advice? 

Joyful spaces matter! Putting effort into making your home the way you want it is a great use of time, and Pinterest & YouTube are your FRIENDS!


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