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Dec 05, 2019

The Most Kid-Friendly Spots in Astoria For Any Occasion

We’ve had some reader requests to compile the most kid-friendly and family-friendly spots in Astoria… SO, we went to the Astoria, New York Families Facebook group — with almost 4,000 (…)

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Instagram @raisingastoria

We’ve had some reader requests to compile the most kid-friendly and family-friendly spots in Astoria…

SO, we went to the Astoria, New York Families Facebook group — with almost 4,000 local parents and caregivers — in order to find the best spots, straight from parents who frequent them! We asked the group members for their top picks, so these suggestions are right from the source. Enjoy!


Instagram @allthefoodisallforme

Passage Irish Bar and Kitchen: “Large space, great food and friendly staff. It’s always my Astoria go-to.”
40-11 30th Ave

Queens Comfort and Comfortland are SUPER kid friendly!!”
 36-18 30th Ave and 40-09 30th Ave

“A place I like going to because I can fit in there even with my double stroller, comfortably, is Avenue Cafe on 30th Avenue. So many other places I avoid because they are small or cramped with tables- overstuffed. That place always feels airy and inviting even to a mom with four kids!”
35-27 30th Ave

Cronin and Phelan’s doesn’t have a changing table BUT they are incredibly family friendly otherwise with an extensive kids menu, high chairs, great value and service.”
3814 Broadway

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden
2919 24th Ave


Instagram @5starsocceracademy


“5 Star Soccer Academy is a non profit soccer academy in Astoria that not only affordable but the coaches are top-notch. Check out their Yelp page for reviews!”

U90 Soccer: “They have a program in which teenagers can play for free during designated times in the summer. It is a wonderful, safe place for the older ones to be.”
“l love Upper 90 Soccer for their weekday Toddler Open Play, so much space for kids to run wild and very reasonably priced.”

34-22 Steinway St

“Reflexion Dance & Fitness – Astoria for fun dance classes for children of all ages, caring staff who know every child’s name and put so much love and effort into every dance class!”
They teach from the core. My daughter has grown so much as a dancer she is also learning self respect, self esteem and is a very humble sweet girl. The love that these teachers provide makes her look forward to her seven hours of dance each week. I can not thank Elena Toum Kamp and her team enough. If interested in any dance classes, check out Reflexion Dance and Fitness.”
18-54 43rd St, Long Island City

Astoria Sports Complex: “Has great swimming, soccer, and birthday parties.”
3438 38th St.


“We love taking classes at The Art Table Studio.”

Art House Astoria: “My kid is currently taking very affordable classes there in art but they offer music classes, drama, singing, etc. It’s a nice space I wish I had looked into sooner.”
23-35 Broadway

Play Areas

Instagram @raisingastoria

Gym-Azing: “I love because Tina and her staff are very easy to work with when planning parties. They have tons of weekly and monthly events geared at various ages. They have several different classes for all ages. Parents can also do trial classes and there are NO CONTRACTS. The flexibility is wonderful!”
27-14 23rd Ave, Queens

Astoria Heights Playground is by far my favorite because it is sectioned off into gated areas. There is something for every age group and parents have a visual from nearly every location.”
30 Rd. bet. 45 St. and 46 St., Queens

Bounce N Play because we can stay as long as we want on play days. The best thing is we adults can go in all the bounce houses and slides and have fun with our kids. There’s arcades too that are suitable for all aged kids and adults. Also, their parties are totally private so it’s not shared with others. Great place to play or for birthday parties.”
20-21 Steinway St.

Let’s Play Playhouse‘s admission is less than most other places and what I like is you can easily keep an eye on your kids because of the size of the store. You can eat or drink outside food if you do choose to bring it in but you can also purchase some items there as well.”
34-17 Steinway St.

Raising Astoria offers great educational and fun programming for little ones.”
26-11 23rd Ave

Sky Village
23-05 29th St.

ACD Playspace
3124 38th St.

Astoria Park
19 19th St.

Paul Raimonda Piano Park
47th St. and 20th Ave

35-52 32nd St.


Instagram @magikinchi

The Museum of the Moving Image. They have interactive activities and a permanent exhibit of The Muppets!”
36-01 35th Ave

“A place not too many people know about or maybe they don’t take their kids to is the play space at McDonald’s on 31st street between Broadway and 34th Avenue. Adults can drink a coffee while their kids play. Entry is free as far as I’ve seen.”
32-55 31st St, Long Island City

“Another fun spot is the Queens Library on Broadway. The children’s room is fun and inviting for kids and adults as well.”
40-20 Broadway, Long Island City

Best Market for grocery shopping because they have toddler shopping carts (and I guess for those who drive, an actual parking lot).”
19-30 37th St.

Momally Astoria is an amazing Facebook Community of 5000+ Astoria Moms and my best Mom resource!”

Astoria Bowl
19-45 49th St, Queens

Astoria Bookshop
31-29 31st St.

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