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Aug 21, 2020


BY: ANNA DORÉ Welcome back to another edition of Astoria Interiors, a series where we go inside neighborhood homes to showcase design on the most local level. Today we head (…)

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Welcome back to another edition of Astoria Interiors, a series where we go inside neighborhood homes to showcase design on the most local level. Today we head inside an artsy 2-bedroom on Broadway x 36th, where newlyweds Robyn and Andrew recently tied the knot on their rooftop. From bold bedroom prints to framed first-date artifacts, this pad is full of some amazing artwork — including Robyn’s own gallery wall in the couple’s second bedroom. And as we beg our plants to cooperate, it’s safe to say we could use Andrew’s green thumb — you’ll spot all sorts of greenery around this pad.

With all of us spending more time at home, we’d love for you to submit your home for Astoria Interiors. Please fill out this questionnaire, including at least six well-lit photos and corresponding captions. All types of homes are welcome and encouraged. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Name: Robyn Macy

Social handle: @robynmacy

Location:  Broadway + 36th St

Years lived in: 2 years

Size (# of bedrooms, bathrooms):  2 bedroom 1 bathroom

Tell us a bit about you and your Astoria apartment: I’m obsessed with having things on the walls. My fiance makes fun of me that I can’t have any blank spaces. I have the mentality that the more stuff that’s hung up, the more homey a space feels. (Except our bedroom, I have a minimalist sensibility about that! The only thing on the walls in there is a big poster that says Brooklyn and Queens (when I met my husband, he was living in BK).

Brooklyn + Queens prints in our bedroom.

This place is especially special to me because my fiance proposed to me on our roof, where we eventually got married. So this will forever be my favorite apartment.

Describe your design aesthetic in 5 words or less: Personal, eclectic & colorful

What’s your favorite room and why? I love our second bedroom. It’s basically used as a closet room for me (which is amazing) but it’s especially my favorite because I’ve been able to hang all of my own art on the walls.

This collage is made up of 90% of my work — a cool thing to have space for.

Most prized piece? Our Jeff Goldblum painting above the radio probably. My fiance loves him and this was a cool way to incorporate a more silly piece. Also, it was either this or a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain. I just love that 90% of what’s on our walls has a story. We framed a metal straw (you can see it next to the jeff goldblum picture). Background: Our first date was at Dutch Kills (LIC) and we were talking about how we’d never seen a metal bendy straw with the ridges, and on our 6 month anniversary we went back and stole one if their metal bendy straw (sorry Dutch Kills, I love you!!)

A Jeff Goldblum painting, with “the straw” caddy corner on the right.

What part of your home are you most proud of? All of the plants. Keeping them alive has been the biggest feat for us and we’re unbelievably proud. Andrew has seriously grown a green thumb. He’s able to clone any ones plants. But mostly, I love how this home is ours. I didn’t copy a Pinterest board or try to think how certain pieces would work together. I threw it all up there because it works for us and it’s just totally us.

Plant corner is thriving.

Favorite local element? I bought an Astoria calendar from @ajtheawful and framed some of those prints to put above the TV.

AJ is wonderful and has raised so much money by donating her prints. Loveee her work.

Best apartment advice? Take pictures of things you think are cool (neat corners in restaurants, a nice skyline shot) and print them/frame them. They make your space personal and it’s a cheap way to decorate.

Don’t print 4×6 though, blow them up to 5×7+.

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