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Jun 26, 2019

Openings, Closings & Rumors Early Summer 2019

Here’s our intermittent roundup of openings/closing/rumors in the neighborhood that are too small for posts of their own. As usual, let us know if there’s anything you’ve noticed on your (…)

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Here’s our intermittent roundup of openings/closing/rumors in the neighborhood that are too small for posts of their own. As usual, let us know if there’s anything you’ve noticed on your walks around town!


Incasa Decor

Right next to other newbie Liv Salad is home wares store Incasa Decor. According to their website it’s a “New York-based contemporary home decor and accessories boutique with a fresh design perspective, an eclectic mix of individual products and design services that blend together seamlessly.” They let us know that while they’ve been working in the interior design field for many years, this is their first physical retail location.

31-88 37th St, Astoria

Under Pressure Espresso Bar

We passed this on a walk the other day – and it looks cute! Sleek and modern, not much room to work from there but a place to grab a drink on your way to the subway. Or, stand and drink your espresso, like the Europeans do. It’s now open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

30-92 31st Street, Astoria

Green Juice Bar and Cafe

Looks like a good spot under the subway for green juices and other healthy items. Has anyone tried?

28-55 31st St.


The Freckled Moose

The Freckled Moose had some stops and starts over the past year they’ve been open, and unfortunately they announced on their Instagram at the end of May that the restaurant “as you know it” has come to an end. The space is now being used for a series of pop-up restaurants by up-and-coming chefs, with the possibility that one of them may take over. Most recently they had “Sam’s Table” by Chef Sam Stymest.

33-17 31st Ave, Astoria


Food Emporium

Now this has been a long time coming, and very frustrating for lots of people, BUT we feel obligated to share that Food Emporium now says they WILL be opening in July. From their Facebook:

We apologize for the endless delays and appreciate your patience. We look forward to serving you again VERY soon … July 2019 … will update if there are more delays. Trust that we are doing everything we can on our end to open ASAP.

Fingers crossed!

29-10 Broadway, Astoria

Taco Bell

Though there is a Taco Bell on Steinway St, there have been rumors that one is coming to Ditmars as well. Must be part of their plan to open 50 more locations in NYC over the next five years. A Taco Bell PR set told us the following:

The location is set to open later this Summer. Please reach back out at a later time for a more confirmed date. This location will be part of Taco Bell’s Urban In-line concept. The menu will feature Taco Bell classics as well as exclusive shareable tapas style menu items and there will be no drive-thru.


Credit to @UrbanFurnitureNYC Instagram page.

Urban Furniture & Co-Working

We’ve gotten more used to seeing co-working spaces pop up, and even restaurants transform into them during their slow hours…but furniture stores? Now this is something new. In an effort to keep their business alive on the slow Steinway street, they revamped their furniture store to include a coffee shop and co-working space. Stop by and support!

28-23 Steinway St, Astoria

The Bad Ass

A reader sent us a tip that The Bad Ass (just in our last “openings” section) appeared to be closed up and the sign was gone. Luckily, the business let us know that they are not permanently closed – they just ran into some unfortunate licensing issues which have been resolved now!

26-17 23rd Ave, Queens


Renee Mariotti

What about the Chipotle opening at the Ditmars stop that was on their website last year?


Mighty Oak been introduced as yet? On 28th and 24th. Fired roasted coffee


Any update on the Chipotle on Steinway that was supposed to open in January? It was even on their corporate website under locations for a while but now it’s gone?

Claire Leaden

According to a construction worker it could open in August, but we are waiting to hear back from their PR team officially!


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