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May 08, 2019

Openings, Closings & Rumors May 2019

Lots of busy business in Astoria recently! What are you most excited to see and try? Do you have any additional insights into the closings or rumors? Let us know (…)

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Lots of busy business in Astoria recently! What are you most excited to see and try? Do you have any additional insights into the closings or rumors? Let us know in the comments below!


Royal Collectibles Astoria

This new comic book store—selling Funko pops, action figures and of course, comics—had its grand opening this past weekend! It looks to be an offshoot of the other Royal Collectibles and Royal Sports & Entertainment on Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills. Their Instagram showcases sneak peeks of what will be hitting the store and different specials like their recent Star Wars Celebration for May the Fourth.

45-03 Broadway, Astoria

The Bad Ass

The Bad Ass had their soft opening last Wednesday, and is now open seven days a week starting at 5 p.m. The cheeky-named bar will offer specialty craft cocktails—no food for now—like “The Mother of Dragons,” a gin-based cocktail for summertime, and “The Risky Hibiscus.” They’ll also be featuring loads of live music.

26-17 23rd Ave, Astoria

Bund on Broadway

Welcome, soup dumplings, to Astoria! Check out our review here.

25-08 Broadway, Astoria


After many months of anticipation, New York City Bagel & Coffee House just opened their newest location on Broadway and 29th St. The space is huge, with plenty of room to carboload with all of your pals.

2910 Broadway, Astoria

Credit to Hoja Santa.

Hoja Santa

Mexican restaurant Hoja Santa opened recently up on 30th Ave. According to their Instagram, it looks more on the fine dining side: stylized plates with the likes of fresh ahi tuna guacamole and sea scallops with chipotle sauce. Stay tuned for a Q&A with the owners about the restaurant concept and what they hope to bring to the neighborhood!

40-17 30th Ave, Astoria


Credit to Vaccaro’s.

Vaccaro’s Bakery & Cafe

A neighborhood institution is relocating–check out our scoop here.

28-05 Steinway Street, Astoria

Crescent Grill

Although their website and social media haven’t revealed this yet, a WHA staffer learned the farm-to-table eatery recently closed, and it looks like their Open Table page is updated with the sad news too. We’ve reached out for more info.

38-40 Crescent St, Long Island City


The new building for Taverna Kyclades on the corner of 36th St and Ditmars.

Taverna Kyclades

We reported confirmation that Taverna Kyclades is indeed moving locations just a block away on Ditmars, but we recently learned more—that the move won’t take place until the end of summer, according to a restaurant employee. There also shouldn’t be interference for dining—the current location will remain open right up until the new location is ready, at which time they’ll move and close the other spot down within a few days.

33-07 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Yelp Photo courtesy of Natalie T.

The Strand Smokehouse

The Strand was shut down due to health code violations this fall, which has been a bummer for locals especially now that the weather is getting nicer. But we noticed the citations were no longer on the windows, and heard rumors there was a soft opening last night 5/7—and they could be fully open as soon as this weekend. We’ve reached out to get an exact date, if it’s actually happening!

25-27 Broadway, Astoria

Rivercrest NYC

July is the new target opening for Rivercrest NYC, which has run into a bunch of construction issues since it’s such an old building. They also had to reapply for their liquor license because of how long it took, but all paperwork has been submitted now and in 3-4 months we’ll be able to check it out!

33-15 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Vanila N Bean Gelateria

This poster was recently spotted in the window of the previous space for The Stonework, which closed in January. Nothing wrong with more gelato in the neighborhood, right? Looks like it could be something small and local since no chains come up with a Google search. Hmm…

3706 Ditmars, Astoria



Movement at the location where Jolson’s liquor store was (across from Subway) – wonder what’s coming ? Corner of 31st and 21 avenue also all window papered – up . That area needs a revival type place , like a Panera! The area is so lifeless. They keep making party places for kids that fail.


Last time I was there (maybe a month or two ago?) the owner hinted that they may not be moving after all and may work something out with the landlord.

Claire Leaden

We’ll have an update on the blog this week – but grand opening is this Saturday 5/18!


Do you have any information about the Pelicana on 31st right by the Ditmars train station? The place suddenly closed about 6 months ago but the outside lights have remained on ever since, plus in the past two weeks it looks like the blinds have been lifted and lights are on inside.


I had dinner there on 5/8 but everything online (Google Maps, Yelp, Grubhub) still show that it’s closed. I haven’t been by it since last week but you may want to check, it might be open again now.

Also: the soy chicken was FANTASTIC


Excited about tasting the “curated beers” at The River Crest. Taking forever to open is not a good sign. Uncle Jack’s Meat House dragged on and on before making its grand opening, and the place wound up being a foodie’s thumbs down. Lousy burgers; mine was dry and smelled spoiled. Shake your tail feathers!


Adriaen Block 19-33 Ditmars Blvd has closed…it was the first CDB infused menu restaurant in the neighborhood….

Claire Leaden

Oh wow, that’s surprising, thanks. I wonder if it’s because of those NYC fines? We’ll check it out.


They have decided to shut down the restaurant per a notice on their door.

Claire Leaden

They had last said May, now they’re saying “Hoping for this summer…”


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