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Apr 23, 2019

The MTA Wants YOUR Feedback on New Queens Bus Routes

There are 107 bus routes that transport over 714,000 Queens riders each weekday—and the MTA admits those routes are outdated and not serving New Yorkers any longer. Residential and commercial  (…)

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Credit to MTA.

There are 107 bus routes that transport over 714,000 Queens riders each weekday—and the MTA admits those routes are outdated and not serving New Yorkers any longer. Residential and commercial  construction and expansion has changed the geography of the borough, and since many of the current bus routes follow old trolley routes, they just don’t reflect where current residents come and go. AND, with traffic and congestion issues, buses in Queens are only averaging 8.9 miles per hour!

Luckily, the MTA just announced they’ll be embarking on a compete redesign of all Queens bus routes—and they want our help.

Public input is vital to this project, as they want to make sure the decided routes will actually serve the community as it stands, so let them know what you think! Share your thoughts, questions or concerns about your past experience with the Queens bus network, and any ideas or suggestions you may have for the future—all at THIS LINK. Read the full press release with all details here.

You can also speak your mind and participate in open discussions at the following Open Houses. They will have a rolling start time so don’t worry about running late, just get there whenever you can!

Tuesday, May 7 — 7-9 PM
Peninsula Library: 92-25 Rockaway Beach Blvd
Subway: A to Beach 90 St
Bus: Q22, Q52-SBS, Q53-SBS

Monday, May 13 — 6:30-8:30 PM
PS 69 Jackson Heights: 77-02 37th Ave
Subway: 7 E M R to Roosevelt Av-Jackson Heights
Bus: Q32, Q33, Q47, Q49

Wednesday, May 15 — 6:30-8:30 PM
The Woodhaven Elementary School: 91-02 88th Ave
Subway: J to Woodhaven Blvd
Bus: Q11, Q21, Q24, Q52-SBS, Q53-SBS, Q56

Monday, May 20 — 6:30-8:30 PM
PS 112Q Dutch Kills School — Astoria: 25-05 37th Avenue
Subway: N W to 36th Av
Bus: Q66, Q69, Q102

Tuesday, May 21 — 6:30-8:30 PM
Flushing Library: 41-17 Main St
Subway: 7 to Flushing-Main St
Bus: Q12, Q13, Q15, Q15A, Q16, Q17, Q19, Q20A, Q20B, Q25, Q27, Q28, Q34, Q44-SBS, Q48, Q50, Q58, Q65, Q66

Tuesday, May 28 — 7-9 PM
Central Jamaica Library: 89-11 Merrick Blvd
Subway: E to Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer or F to 169 St
Bus: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q17, Q20A, Q20B, Q24, Q30, Q31, Q36, Q41, Q43, Q44-SBS, Q54, Q56, Q76, Q77, Q110

Here is the proposed timeline:

Will you participate? Have you noticed the timing issues with buses (I know I have!)? Let us know in the comments below.



I take the Q101 routinely to midtown Manhattan. As far as I can tell you have no bus routes going there in the new plan, only to Williamsburg in Manhattan. Currently it is impossible to go on the subway with a handicap or toddler/stroller, this is available only at random stops, many take the bus who have restricted movements. If you make the distance to a stop greater, you will inflict hardships on a vulnerable population. It’s the worst transportation system I know of in the world. Almost no escalators or elevators, unpredictable timing, crowded…
It would be nice to be able to buy a metro ticket on the ground level often and not have to go down two levels of stairs!


Fresh Meadows loses access with Hillside Ave, Jamaica Ave & F line. The replacement for Q17 will end at about 69th Ave. Jamaica Estates property values?Anybody living between 69th Ave and Hillside Ave relying on Q17 will be stranded and won’t be able to access the subway or a busline.

Mary Griffin

I take the Q12 from Flushing Main Street to Douglaston Parkway. In the past the trip took approximately 30 minutes. The MTA changed the bus stop to accommodate the longer buses and located the new stop 2 blocks from the old stop which was outside Macy’s. The wait for a bus has increased by 15 to 20 minutes and the trip has taken much longer. Please send more buses to Main Street so passengers taking the Q12 won’t be waiting forever.


I take the q15 from flushing Main Street to Beechhurst everyday. This bus service takes forever to come. In the past I waited 30 mins for one bus to be on the route. This has to change! MTA needs to increase bus service to this line.

Fredrick Wells

The Borough of Queens have many different travel patterns for Transit users. There’s a need to operate a bus line along every MAJOR corridor in Queens, but to do so while connecting with a Transit Hub, some routes will have to be diverted. Southeast Queens needs a Crosstown network that carries people to and from the (A) train in Ozone Park. The Q27 needs an extension to Rosedale. JFK and LaGuardia Airports needs new routes to Brooklyn and The Bronx (JFK to the Bronx via Premium Fare Express).
While there’s no debate on the need for articulated buses on the Q5, you must first boost service to the route (to every 5 minutes at Middays and Weekends) before you place Artics (which would run every 7 1/2 minutes at Middays and Weekends).
Some Brooklyn routes need to extend into Queens for better connectivity purposes and better direct travel purposes. Some Queens routes need to be consolidated as to provide a Crosstown network bypassing Downtown Jamaica. The Q3 needs to be taken out of Downtown Jamaica as an Eastern Queens connector to JFK Airport with a new North terminal in Bayside (to connect with the Q12, Q13, Q16, Q26, Q27, Q30, Q31, Q46, Q76. Q88 and n20G).
Some routes need to be re imaged as if the Subway lines were extended to Eastern Queens.


I took the q17 on 5/13/19 from flushing although it said limited but it stop at every bus stop and make me late to my destination.

Corey Bearak

Please review proposals for bus service enhancements from Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) offered in its Earth Day Message, 2019: Strengthening Bus Transit helps save our environment! (Monday, April 22, 2019):
Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Earth Day Message, 2019: Strengthening Bus Transit helps save our environment!
By Mark Henry, Chair, ATU NYS Legislative Conference Board and President/ Business Agent, ATU Local 1056, and Bennie Caughman, President/ Business Agent, ATU Local 1179
As we observe Earth Day 2019 in this era of great concern of climate change, our policymakers and, frankly all of us, need to coalesce around sound policy that make a difference in our communities. After the chaos and devastation of Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers experienced how ATU Locals 1056 and 1179 memberships and sister transit unions stepped up and helped New Yorkers get about on public buses while the MTA worked to resume subway service system-wide. ATU continues to promote bus public transit as a cost-effective and sound means to improve our environment. While ATU continues to remind our policymakers and decision-makers to include public bus transit options and strengthen existing bus capabilities in discussions on how best to improve mass transit including the so-called transit deserts that plague many NYC nabes including in Queens, ATU urges the public to seize the opportunity presented by the commitments to improve transit as part of the new state budget and the Queens Bus Network Redesign announced just last week.
The MTA announced meetings throughout Queens and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz secured a commitment for presentations at each of the 14 Queens Community Boards. The pubic can make a difference by participating in this process and standing strong for enhancement to bus public transit. ATU urges those who cannot attend the public meeting or just want to offer more input to submit their comments and ideas online.
As we seek to protect and upgrade our environment, it remains important to recognize how public bus transit enhances our environment and reduces our carbon footprint while supporting our economy and investment. After Sandy, New Yorkers experienced how ATU Locals 1056 and 1179 memberships and sister transit unions stepped up and helped New Yorkers get about on public buses while the MTA worked to resume subway service system-wide. ATU Local 1056 represents drivers and mechanics who work for MTA New York City Transit’s Queens Bus Division. ATU 1179 represents bus operators, mechanics and supervisors who work from the Far Rockaway and JFK Depots of the MTA Bus division (former Green Bus lines). Besides Sandy, the service our members provide – during periodic subway service shutdowns to allow repairs – demonstrate how buses matter both as a practical and flexible transit mode. Buses offer a cost-effective means to expand public transit options, including sensible bus rapid transit, where none or insufficient modes exist.
ATU relies on our extensive experience and knowledge of the MTA system. We emphasize rebuilding and enhancing bus service. ATU recently recommended several bus system improvements:
1) Restore overnight services on all lines in Southeast Queens; reduce wait times. 2) Expand Hours for Q42 past 10pm and include Saturday service.
3) Restore service to these cut lines: Q74, Q75, Q79.
4) Re-Route Q27 as SBS.

5) Create an SBS route along the north-south legs of the Q76 & Q77 lines to Provide North – South access in Queens and a connection to the Rockaways.
6) Expand hours for X63 and X68 – later hours during the week and provide Saturday service. 7) Introduce Express bus service from Southeast Queens to lower Manhattan.
ATU encourages input from the Queens. ATU also has advocated free transfer from buses to the LIRR (and Metronorth); this initiative proves self-sustaining!
As the need for public bus service increases the MTA must progress on its facilities that maintain buses. As a prime example, the MTA must finish an expanded and redesigned Jamaica Depot; this facility can be the epicenter of new technology and efficiencies that help our environment and commuters. The MTA must bolster the Casey Stengel Depot against flooding risks (Buses got moved to “higher ground” in advance of Sandy.), make repairs to the Far Rockaway Depot that sustained heavy damage by Sandy, modernize the 165st Street Bus Terminal and make it passenger-safe and develop a passenger-friendly Hub for a congested downtown Flushing bus terminus.
On this Earth Day 2019, ATU locals across New York State support public bus transit; it helps save our environment, creates jobs and builds communities.


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