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Mar 20, 2019


It’s time for the latest edition of “Openings, Closings and Rumors,” to help fill you in on the most recent business news circulating around the neighborhood! As usual, feel free (…)

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It’s time for the latest edition of “Openings, Closings and Rumors,” to help fill you in on the most recent business news circulating around the neighborhood! As usual, feel free to let us know in the comments if you have any additional insights.

Let’s start with the most fun:



We received intel that Calexico—the Mexican/California hybrid eatery that started as a street cart and has since expanded throughout NYC, Detroit and Bahrain—may be taking over the former Salt & Bone building (or what I like to call the mini mini Flatiron). Although it isn’t official yet, a spokesperson said: “We have been looking at the area and may be opening there in the near future but nothing is final.” We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we hear more!

32-10 30th Ave, Astoria

Credit to Google Maps.



According to its Yelp page, Oli.Vine opened at 36-03 Ditmars Blvd in February. It “introduces a mixture of authentic Mediterranean cuisine which presents a unique blend of rustic and contemporary culinary disciplines.” They seem to pride themselves on offering dishes from “all over the Mediterranean, not just Greece.”

The menu on their website offers a variety of meat and cheese boards and delicious-sounding apps like “Jamon Serrano Croquettes” and “Grilled Octopus, Romesco and Confit Potatoes.” Entrees include whole grilled Branzino, grilled lamp chops with couscous, and squid ink linguini with seafood. Let us know how it tastes if you check it out!

36-03 Ditmars Blvd, Queens

Credit to Oli.Vine.


From the creators of Chip NYC comes a new salad and bowls spot in the old Winegasm space on 37th St. According to their Instagram, there will be a soft opening this Friday 3/22 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will also be open Saturday 3/23 during the same time. Expect simple salad and grain bowls with plenty of vegan options. So far they’ve shared their “Fire Flower Bowl,” which contains romaine, quinoa, spicy cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, chickpeas, fresh lemon juice and chimichurri sauce.

31-86 37th St, Astoria


Broadway is an avenue with less coffee shop options, so the new addition of Sweet Habit is welcome to any work-from-homers or caffeine addicts. According to the Astoria Post, it’s owned by two Greek immigrants who have lived in Astoria for 10 years. They offer a selection of coffee drinks with beans roasted locally in Brooklyn, including the preferred Greek “freddo espresso.” They also hope to have outdoor seating in the warmer months.

45-11 Broadway, Long Island City



The Victoria’s Secret location on Steinway is now permanently closed, so if you’re looking for undergarments you’ll have to visit a different location. According to Google maps, the nearest ones are in Manhattan on Lexington between 58th and 59th St., or in Elmhurst. Thanks to Queens Gazette for the scoop.



We spied this advertisement while walking down 30th Ave…and are getting excited. After all, Astoria is a very social neighborhood! So far all we know is that “The Social” is going to offer tapas and cocktails, centering around Astoria’s “melting pot community” with small plates from Mediterranean, American, Latin, Asian and Italian cultures. They are also currently hiring servers, bartenders, bussers and more, so contact with your resume if interested. Stay tuned (and follow their Insta) for more.


It’s been a long time coming, but Mighty Oak Roasters is moving toward an opening little by little. The most recent step was receiving their “hand built wood-fired roaster and air cleaning system,” which they’re currently building test fires in according to their Facebook page. When someone inquired about an opening date projection at the beginning of this year, they said: “Not ready yet for a opening date, but getting closer all the time!”

28-01 24th Ave, Astoria


Have you seen any other new businesses pop up on your street? Chatted with any insiders about what’s up and coming—or up and closing? Let us know in the comments!



There is a sign in the old sandwich shop by Kyclades. Coming soon Boutique Bistro and Bar


It looks like there’s a new burger spot opening in the old Queen’s Kickshaw/Ha’s Chinese location on Broadway and 41st…


Any updates on the new restaurant/bar Rivercrest on Ditmars next to Taverna Kyclades? Looks like a great space and long overdue!

Claire Leaden

We reached out and they said the project is taking a lot lot longer than they expected. It’s an old building and a lot of work has gone into RiverCrest to bring it up to code with the NYC DOB. They will let us know when an opening date is secured (and we will pass on to you)!


Does anybody have any scoop on the Myriad of places on B-way that have shuttered and/or have not opened yet, ie:
-Food Emporium
-Boteko (its been almost a year since that sign went up after Minas closed)
-Strand (heard this was re-opening)
-Bakeway (assume this will also reopen if the Strand does)

Claire Leaden

Food Emporium told me May – I passed by Boteko yesterday and it was open!


The old Conway store at 31 10 Steinway will most likely be a division of TJ maxx(known as home goods store)& is perfect for this transient area


It looks like the Petland Discount is closing on Steinway as well. They’re selling off everything now.

Maria Antonucci

I think it’s where the Dog House was, between 37th and 38th on the south side.

Claire Leaden

Thank you – that sounds right! I was in a bit of a rush when I saw it so I didn’t grab the exact address

Maria Antonucci

With all these larger stores on Steinway closing maybe a Trader Joe’s could move in! I would love if Steinway would evolve into a shopping strip of stores and eateries that are actually relevant and useful.


We need a $ a slice pizza place on B’way, between 31st St & 21st St.
A Chinatown style $ dumpling shop would also be nice.

Claire Leaden

Thanks for all of these awesome tips, guys! We’ll be doing some outreach/research and will share updates as soon as possible


Local Kitchen on Ditmars Blvd took down their window coverings today…any eta on that launch?


I saw people working in the spot and asked them about the plan. They said it is going to be a Turkish restaurant.

Kristen Hanson

Very curious to know what’s going here! Looks like they’re close to opening. They have bistro tables set up so it looks like some kind of cafe. Maybe a coffee place?


How about Dragon & Phoenix take-out moving two stores from McCann’s Pub on Ditmars!?


Any new updates on the possible Pig Beach BBQ location in the old Studio Square space??


Brother Crepe on 30 closed and now there’s Culinary Noodle Kitchen there – looks like they just opened – and they have dumplings


I am excited about Calexico possibly coming to the ‘hood. As for Sweet Habit, let’s hope it stays open. That store has been a revolving door the past few years.

I noticed Victoria’s Secret was closed today. It is so unfortunate the number of empty stores on Steinway Street these days. I don’t mind the chain restaurants and stores. It is much less of an eyesore than some of those stores that have been empty for years, collecting debris inside. There was an article on Gothamist yesterday about landlords having to report empty stores. I am not sure if this reporting of the vacancies will help in anyway. It is really depressing.

Theresa Burton

Rent probably high. Most people shop at Queens center Mall. They said it on news most of the Victoria Secret will be closing I told the cashier in Harlem too.


Any inside info on TJMaxx opening? I was noticing a painter inside this morning and today is spring. :)


Yes I’d love to know if this is actually happening??
Also do we know of plans for all the empty store fronts on Steinway? Everything seems to be closing.


Is Steinway going to become blocks and blocks of overpriced high rise luxury apartment buildings like those areas in Long Island City by the Citicorp building and by Queensboro Plaza?


Waiting on info for the dog run opening near the Astoria blvd station. Older news articles mention a spring opening?


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