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Jun 05, 2015

Brunch at Winegasm

A couple of weeks ago the WHA crew, along with some friends, sat down to taste our way through the brand new Brunch Menu at Winegasm. Along with lots of (…)

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A couple of weeks ago the WHA crew, along with some friends, sat down to taste our way through the brand new Brunch Menu at Winegasm. Along with lots of eating there was also a fair bit of drinking of fantastic wines of the rosé variety. We give this brunch two thumbs up-it’s solid with some fun flair thrown in. Check it out and go get your brunch and wine on!

Winegasm_BrunchOn the right a shakshuka made with a homemade spicy tomato sauce, artichoke hearts and feta with baked eggs. On the left a green goddess omelet made with goat cheese, spinach, asparagus and chives.

Winegasm_BrunchPulled pork, poached eggs, and terragon hollaidaise all go into The Standard eggs benedict.

Winegasm_BrunchThe short rib grilled cheese-it’s delicious! Slow cooked for 24 hours this rib is topped with cheddar cheese, and red onion marmalade. Served with fries and sour dill pickle slices. This was a crowd favorite at our table. We didn’t want to share it with one another!

Winegasm_ChickenWafflesButtermilk fried chicken, bourbon butter waffles and a nice helping of chipotle maple syrup.

Winegasm_Bill MurrayBill Murray french toast stuffed with strawberry cream cheese with almonds on top. Another crowd favorite.

FYI for $30 this brunch goes into overdrive with an unlimited wine option. I highly suggest it. Big thanks to the entire Winegasm team for such a great tasting!

Winegasm 31-86 37th St, Astoria 718.932.3331

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Emily Rios manages special events, sponsored content and advertising clients as WHA's Business Development Director. She is a passionate and dedicated youth developer with a strong background in non-profit management, and works as Senior Manager of Youth Leadership at generationOn.



I don’t really find these kind of posts all that interesting or informative either, but it doesn’t bother me that much because I understand that WHA’s business model is to provide promotional services (via blog posts) in exchange for sponsorship (and free food/goods/services). Whether this exchange offers up anything to WHA’s readership is rightfully to be questioned. Presumably, they have the web traffic to support that is it.


Hey guys, Mackenzi here. These posts aren’t meant to be reviews per se, but more of a collection of new items at a particular place that might pique your interest. But we hear you loud and clear this isn’t what some of you want.


I don’t mind the posts! I just think it would be more transparent if there was something mentioned if you get the meal for free. I love seeing the new dishes/menus at places highlighted, but think it makes sense to be honest about the articles.

Donald Flex

The food looks delicious! Also, to address the commenters above, I don’t see this as a “review” as much as it’s just a collection of photos and captions and musings.

Hannah Smith

It’s a free meal in return for positive coverage. That’s what people are referring to.

Donald Flex

I believe that’s called a “smart business decision” by restaurants – You can also just not read WHA – isn’t freedom great?

Hannah Smith

Quite the opposite: a good restaurant is proud to stand by the quality of its food, a bad or mediocre one engages in various degrees of paid content schemes like this. Either way, it’s pretty clear that readers are sick of the current WHA set up of accepting free food for a guarantee that they’ll never post anything bad about the place.

Hannah Smith

Agreed. These days a WHA “review” actually makes me want to avoid a restaurant rather than check it out.


You said it Paul!! If you’re reviewing places, review them!

Paul G

Honestly, not once in any of your food reviews have you all ever eaten anything but great food in Astoria. It really makes you guys seem likes shills for free food.

Can you tell us one thing that was mediocre or bad at brunch? Maybe make an effort to slip a criticism into every food review.

You aren’t doing your readers any favors by telling them everything is the best ever at every place you eat, and you don’t do the restaurants any favors cause they don’t know what to correct.


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