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May 18, 2017

PokéWave Opening New Location on Broadway in Astoria

PokéWave, a popular poké spot in Flushing, opens a location on Broadway in Astoria.

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We snapped this photo the other day of the new poké spot opening up on Broadway:


This space was the Super Chen 99cent store for a while, and Rani’s Deli before that, and the owners got the paperwork to transform it into an eating and drinking establishment last February. The space will be home a new location of Poké Wave, which opened in Flushing last summer. Here’s AMNY’s writeup about it last December:

“PokéWave is one of the few places in downtown Flushing that offers something other than East Asian cuisine. The main draw is—yes, you guessed it—the poké bowls (pronounced po-kay), a Hawaiian raw fish salad that’s become New York’s latest food craze. Choose a pre-made bowl like the Big Island Poké, which includes tuna, scallions, cilantro and sesame seeds, or build your own. If you’re the health-conscious type, swap the rice base for zucchini noodles and the raw fish for tofu…..Sure, poké bowls go well with bottled water, but try a Hawaiian Sun Green Tea to get the full island effect.”

the-big-island-bowl-pokewave-astoria-queensThe Big Island Bowl

When it comes to building your own bowl, you get to choose a base, protein, mix-ins, sauce and toppings (see this photo for details). Along with poké bowls they offer a number of onigiri filled with ingredients like kimchi, SPAM, cheese, shrimp, salmon, and tuna, and of course, covered with rice and seaweed. There’s also miso soup as a side.


Now with eel!

Some say the poké trend has peaked, but you can’t deny that the food is tasty and healthy. They also have a pretty robust fan base of their food.


A custom poké bowl

We’ve reached out to the PokéWave folks to find out more about their opening date, but from what we can tell from the photo at the top of article here, looks like opening is imminent!

PokéWave (35-07 Broadway, Astoria. 917-868-1084.) | Facebook | Instagram | Yelp

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