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Nov 29, 2016

Barebuger’s New Concept is Barbecue, Called Salt & Bone

The new barbecue joint from Bareburger in the old Burnside Biscuits space will be called Salt & Bone.

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While this isn’t barbecue from Salt & Bone perhaps there will be ribs for days at some point at the restaurant.

If you read our post about Singlecut’s 4th Anniversary party (Are you going? You should!) you’d see that the name of the new barbecue joint from Bareburger in the old Burnside Biscuits space is Salt & Bone (not to be confused with Salt and Bone, a gastropub in Berlin). By chance, we heard from Dan at Singlecut that “the spec menu looks amazing!” so we are pretty excited to check it out.

Back when we told you that Burnside Biscuits was closing down and that “smoke signals will be visible from the L,” those of you that pointed out that the “L” meant the “elevated train”—not the L train—should feel vindicated in your accuracy. DNAinfo published some details about how the barbecue will be cooked—with plenty of smoke. “Salt & Bone will be a no-gas barbeque joint that will serve up meats and vegetables cooked in a smoker fueled by whole logs of oak,” This is from Jesseca Naldo, a spokeswoman for the Bareburger folks.

The DNAinfo article says that Salt & Bone (32-07 30th Ave) will open mid-late January, but Dan at Singlecut says “they’ll be our restaurant in residence starting later this month,” so perhaps Singlecut is the place to go to get a sneak peek of the food—you certainly can this Friday night at their party!

A couple of questions occur to me—will they end up changing their name like District Mot (now called District Saigon) did to avoid confusion with the German gastropub (ironically, District Mot is also located in Berlin)? And what kind of competition will Salt & Bone give to the new barbecue spot from Josh Bowen in Dutch Kills, Mothership Meat, which is coming soon? Great questions to ponder on a Tuesday.

Welcome, Salt & Bone! So tell us, everyone—are you looking forward to this new barbecue joint? Do you think it’s going to add something special to the Astoria food scene? Let us know in the comments.

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Axel Foley

Can’t wait to try their food, smoking the meat with wood is the way to go for real BBQ. I love John Brown Smokehouse from Josh Bowen and can’t wait to try his new place as well, but this will be a welcome addition to the Astoria food scene. To have a good BBQ joint that is walking distance from my house would be so good. Butcher bar with their organic stuff is just not worth the expensive price for average BBQ, so I’m definitely gonna keep an eye out for the opening of this.


You don’t think this is going to be expensive? A corner space like this can’t be cheap.
They couldn’t even keep Burnside Biscuits afloat for 12 months.
Why couldn’t they have done the BBQ concept in addition to soul food? They didn’t even need to tear out the decor. It was nice the way it was


they were at queens beer fest and their brisket tacos were out of this world. so excited to try the rest of their menu!


So wait…are you saying that there is a soft opening/party this Friday? If so, please provide deets to the community! :)


I tried their smoked tamarind ribs at a whiskey fest a couple of weekends ago, and they were unreal. Can’t wait for it to open!


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