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Dec 16, 2016

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 12-Salt & Bone

Our seventh annual 12 Days of Giveaways is unfortunately coming to a close. Thousands (over 8,000 to be exact!) of you have joined in our holiday giveaway shenanigans. We’ll see (…)

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12 Days of Giveaways_2015 LogoOur seventh annual 12 Days of Giveaways is unfortunately coming to a close. Thousands (over 8,000 to be exact!) of you have joined in our holiday giveaway shenanigans. We’ll see you here next year; same time, same place. Onward to our final big giveaway!!  

()Salt & Bone logoFor our final giveaway were talking Salt, and talking Bone. We broke the news of the new Bareburger concept a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve got some additional juicy details. Salt & Bone is inspired by Texas barbecue traditions, they’ll offer the gamut of barbecue fare, from dry-rubbed brisket and sausages to whole hogs and wood-fired rotisserie chickens, cooked alongside bright, local vegetable dishes. Plus they’ll have a full offering of cocktails, colas, and ice-cold beers. Salt & Bone will be the epitome of simple, wood-fired, clean-meats. They’ll have a laid-back, counter style of service and a well-priced menu.

upload-thisThe winner of today’s final giveaway will receive a dinner for two. You’ll each get a BBQ sampler, two sides, two beverages, and dessert. Here is a sneak peak of some of those options available to the winner. (FYI this is NOT the full menu-just a teaser!)

  • MEAT
    • 14 hour whole smoked brisket over white oak
    • 3-4 hour rotisserie chicken
    • 4 hour smoked pork ribs with or without house glaze
    • 4 hour cold-smoked all-beef sausage
    • red cabbage coleslaw
    • wood-fired broccoli salad
    • smoked beet salad
    • mac & cheese

Plus the winner will get a gift basket of swag.

Salt & BoneWhat else is Salt & Bone cooking up? A couple other tid-bits of information that the team shared with us is below!

  • Salt & Bone will cook exclusively with wood fire: The kitchen will house two massive wood-fire smokers. White oak, the wood at the center of Texas barbecue, joins forces with fruitier apple wood and cherry to flame a rounded smoke.
  • They’re serving their BBQ up naked. They believe when meat is of high quality and cooked right low and slow, it doesn’t need sauce.
  • Vegetarians Salt & Bone hasn’t forgotten about you. Dishes like wood-fired broccoli, string beans with almond pesto, and wood-fired rainbow carrots elevate the menu with bright tastes and pops of color.

So good luck & enter to win! Thanks again for being a part of our 12 Days of Giveaways.

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Salt & Bone (32-07 30th Ave., Astoria
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Catherine Forino

I love trying the new restaurants around Astoria so it would be awesome to win this!


We have some good BBQ in Astoria, so I’m interested to see the twist that Salt & Bone will bring!

Charles Harkins

I can not get enough real barbecue and the descriptions point to some low and slow cooking. Here’s hoping that this venture is more successful than the prior enterprise.


I’m excited about this new concept from bareburger because they always use quality ingredients and I LOVE BBQ!


We live around the corner and are looking forward to some new #BBQ in the area!!! Can’t wait to check it out. Hope they are very #glutenfree friendly for us!!!


Oh what a sweet giveaway!!!! My hubby and I can’t wait for this to open around the corner from us. Let’s do this #AstoriaBBQ!!!!!!!!!

Gabrielle Campagnano

I want to throw a big picnic in Astoria Park and enjoy these delicious meats and sides!


There are lots of good BBQ places in the neighborhood so I look forward to trying it out and see how they are!


I am very excited about some new ‘cue in the area… I was saddened to see that Burnside Biscuits closed, but excited to see that a new bbq spot is taking it’s place… especially one that focuses on wood smoked meats.

Joy V

I got to try this new ‘cue at Singlecut’s anniversary party and it was fantastic! Definitely endorse it.

Marie G

I grew up with my grandfather, father and brother bbq’ing and smoking all different kinds of meats, seafood and veggies. I love eating and you can’t go wrong with another BBQ joint.


Would love to win this for my fiance and I! We haven’t had the luxury of having a good steak in Astoria ever (for 3 years now!) and would love to try this place out. Love us a good prime rib :)


the salt and bone bbq concept sounds like it will highlight some quality meat and i can’t wait to try some!


I have a friend from Texas who has served me incredible bbq in his Brooklyn backyard…..man would it be nice to have some excellent bbq without schlepping to Brooklyn. Looking forward to trying Salt & Bone!


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