Nov 08, 2016

Share Your Astoria Memories This Weekend

Join Astorian Anabel Short and Dr. Robyn Spencer for the Astoria Memories event at the Broadway Library this Saturday, November 12.

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Some of you may remember a while back that local Astorian Anabel Short lead a project called 30th Ave—A Year In the Life Of a Street, which focused on—what else—Astoria’s bustling and diverse 30th Avenue. She performed over 50 interviews with residents and shopkeepers from the 30th Avenue area, and learned a lot in the process. Well, it’s been five years since, and Anabel is back with a celebration of the project and has paired with the Queens Memory Project for the occasion, for their own 50 Years of Integration program.

More about the event, from Anabel:

Join your neighbors in sharing stories and memories of what Astoria was like when you arrived. Bring your own photos and memorabilia of Astoria to share, and make your mark on our oversized map. The Queens Memory team will be on hand to digitize your items for inclusion in the Archives at Queens Library and save them to a thumb drive you can take home.

This is a great chance to meet and spend time with your neighbors, share stories, reminisce on old times, get a greater sense of local history, and preserve your documents so that they go beyond being simply ephemera.

Also, several of Annabel’s interview subjects, as well as historian Dr. Robyn Spencer will join the gathering for discussion and celebration of the 30th Avenue area.

The event takes place on Saturday, November 12 from 2:30-4:30pm at the Broadway Library (40-20 Broadway). You can RSVP to this FREE event here. Hope to see you there!

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