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Jan 17, 2014

Astoria Arrivals – Freskofroyo and Bagels on the Ave

We announce the arrival of two new businesses in Astoria including Freskofroyo frozen yogurt and Bagels on the Ave bagel shop. Both are located on 30th Avenue in Astoria.

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Happy Friday, Astoria!  There’s two new local businesses  hitting the streets real soon that we wanted to shout about.  Both are located on 30th Avenue and are just a few short blocks from each other.  They’ll provide a little bit of sweetness and some savory goodness too.  Read on…

Freskofroyo – Although this may appear to be another froyo lounge, we’ve done a bit of research and see that the business  has deeply seated roots. Run by the Prentzas family, they’ve been “whipping up fun and fruity flavors [of yogurt for 75 years].”  Hailing from Greece, we can’t wait to see how they’ll change the Astoria froyo scene.  31-19 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.278.8250

bagels-on-the-ave-astoriaBagels on the Ave – I’m personally delighted that a new bagel shop is opening up just a few short steps from Freskofroyo and Ovelia (located in the old Hot Bagels space).  It’s nice to see we’ll be nicely carb-o-fied, but I also hope they step it up with new innovative options such as gluten free bagels.  Does anyone know more about it?  33-15 30th Avenue, Astoria.

What else is new on the horizon, Astoria? Tell us about other new businesses you’re excited about!



I wish more places would come to the Ditmars side of Astoria– we need good food & froyo over there too!!!!


I agree with John. 30th Ave is packed full of restaurants. Why not create a more diverse draw to the neighborhood? We need more lifestyle stores like Lockwood, maybe a tea house, etc.!


We hear you guys about the froyo places, but we remain pretty hopeful about this one, and who doesn’t love a good bagel?! It’s nice to have some competition (aka choice) in the neighborhood.


Oh god I’m done with the froyos,bagels, sports bars,99 stores! Please future entrepeneurs of Astoria if you are reading this I beg you to come up with something totally different! Look at Red hook,Caroll Gardens,Park Slope,DUMBO, etc… they have stores/ restaurants we can only dream of!


Does anyone have any interest about when Fresko FroYo is actually opening? Their banner has been on the corner since spring!


Is Fresk’o actually opening? It’s been under construction for a very long time. Their previously announced opening dates were June, Fall, and early December.

I miss the old bagel place simply because of the sweet artwork. The new place doesn’t have such an appealing exterior.


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