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Sep 23, 2016

Game Time Fun in Astoria and LIC – Scavenger Hunts, Escape the Room, and More

Try out scavenger hunts this weekend, as well as real life escape the room games, paintball, laser tag and more.

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A number of interesting “full body” game opportunities are happening in Astoria these days—two are specifically this weekend, and the other two happen at any time.

First up two scavenger hunts on Sunday, both are happening at Astoria Park, but with slightly different concepts. Then there’s “escape the room” and paintball etc. Here we go!

Shore Fest Scavenger Hunt

The Shore Fest organizers will be doing a free photo scavenger hunt within the park, similar to those from previous years. If you complete the hunt, you will be able to participate in a raffle full of local goodies. Start time is 1pm.

A stroll through Astoria Park on a sunny day is hard to beat.

Whatever The Mood Scavenger Hunt

The organizers sent us this message about Sunday’s scavenger hunt from 11am-11pm. Sign up here. Tickets are $40.

Whatever the Mood will be hosting a meaningful and exciting scavenger hunt that incentivizes being present in the moment, having a blast, and contributing to local businesses and community in the process. We are currently partnered with 13 local businesses and are offering free food, beverages, gifts, and discounted products and services throughout the entire day.

The hunt itself will involve photo challenges, group tasks, silly encounters, memorable activities, and most certainly a wild amount of balloons. The day finishes in the park where the 200 plus participants will have a chance to network and share their eye opening experiences of the day while they wait to receive prizes and further instructions.

Additionally, there may or may not be a 600 hundred person silent DJed disco dance party to attend later on in the evening after a well deserved break. We very much hope you’ll clear your schedule in order to attend. This will most certainly be a meaningful day that can only serve to strengthen and deepen our relationship with each other and the local Astoria community. We’ll see you on the 25th!


Locked—Escape the Room

Have you ever played those “escape the room” games online (here is a portal to a whole bunch of them)? Personally, I’m a big fan, and you can imagine how excited I was to learn about a real life “escape the room” game right here in Astoria! It’s located at 22-56 31st Street on the second floor, and there are two games to choose from—”Vendetta” and “Spooky Room 789.”

How does it work? You get locked in one of these rooms for 60 minutes and you use your puzzle solving skills to get yourself out. Only those about 12 years old can play by themselves, otherwise a parent/guardian is required. Tickets are $28/each.

We are planning on checking it out in person soon and will let you know how we liked it.


Paintball, Laser Tag and More

I just wanted to remind you about this place in LIC, Indoor Extreme Sports. Along with Paintball and Laser Tag, they too offer Escape the Room games. And then they “currently produce NYC’s only year-round haunted attraction Zombie Experience, which was named ‘a great place to hunt the living dead’ by the New York Times.”

Pricing varies from game to game and sometimes you can get cheaper rates mid-week. It’s definitely a fun place and worth checking out. They are located at 47-11 Van Dam Street.


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