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Jun 07, 2016

Best of Astoria 2016- Mackenzi’s Picks

What is there left to say, really? We’ve already covered YOUR winners (and BOY, do y’all have opinions on that…) and the team’s favorites. So let’s get to it, here (…)

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What is there left to say, really? We’ve already covered YOUR winners (and BOY, do y’all have opinions on that…) and the team’s favorites. So let’s get to it, here are a few of my Best of Astoria moments for 2016.

Favorite Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Restaurant: Kurry Qulture


I know, I know we seem to be talking about them a lot these days. But it’s with good reason: this place rocks. Need a veg friendly spot for a large group? Sexy date spot? Authentic, intriguing dinner? All signs point to Kurry Qulture. The sweet and sour eggplant is a true stand out, and perhaps my favorite dish in Astoria right now.

Kurry Qulture (36-05 30th Avenue, 718-674-1212) | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Favorite Brunch: The Queens Kickshaw


You guys- you can get brunch here everyday. Did you know that?! And frankly, the potato layer cake with cheesy layers of baked potatoes and cream, served up with two eggs and toast hunts my breakfast dreams. Their on point coffee game doesn’t hurt either.

The Queens Kickshaw (40-17 Broadway) | Facebook | Instagram

Favorite Bagel Shop: New York City Bagel & Coffee House


Sure, their flat bagel with eggs and hot sauce is kinda my favorite quick breakfast ever, but it’s the efficient ordering system that really has me smitten with NYCBCH*. Unlike some local bagel spots that shall not be named, NYCBCH is a well oiled machine and I love it. Order, pay, get bagel. The fedoras as staff uniform are cute, too.

(* But dear god, that name. So. Many. Words. Why not just say, Astoria Bagels?)

New York City Bagel & Coffee House (29-08 23RD Ave., 40-05 Broadway) | Facebook | Twitter

Favorite Pizzeria: Milkflower


Here’s my idea of a perfect weeknight dinner (I can’t handle the weekend crowds): a swiss chard Cesar salad, an st. the ghost, and a stun dunn (pictured) split between friends. Maybe a chocolate buddino if you’re feeling frisky. Even if you don’t care for my choices, you won’t find a bad pie at Milkflower, and their backyard is charming beyond belief.

Milkflower (34-12 31st Avenue, 718.204.1300) | Facebook | Instagram

Favorite hair salon/stylist: Studio NOVA


Unsure about your cut or color? Looking for some really bold hues for your locks? Have an odd urge to mix organic nibbles from a food truck with your next hair appointment? If you said yes to any of these, Studio NOVA is your spot. This funky, cool loft like space on 36th Avenue is my go to spot for (let’s be real) my fake blonde and curly hair tune ups. The food at No. 5 NYC is also great- the quinoa cakes and pesto zoodles are personal favorites.

Studio NOVA (37-01 36th Ave., 718.392.4962) | Facebook | Instagram




For me Brooklyn Bagel is totally hit or miss. Some days in and out no problem. Other days it’s a wait. I never find it RIDICULOUSLY long though. I think their biggest problem is spacing, they often appear to have a really long line (like out the door) but then it moves pretty quick. That said I like both places equally.


It’s good of you not to name names, but it needs to be said: Brooklyn Bagels is ridiculously slow. I don’t know about you, but when I go get a bagel for breakfast, it’s because I want something delicious, portable and quick. I can’t go there before work because it always takes at least 15 mins to get a bagel there. BB, learn from your competition!


Couldn’t disagree more. I go to the one on Broadway 2-3 times a week and it’s one of the most efficiently run bagel stores around. Can’t speak for the other location, I’ve only been a handful of times.


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