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Jun 09, 2015

5 Places to Get Cheap, Fast, and Delicious Food on 30th Avenue

We’ve all gotten to point where we want something quick and cheap to eat, but we want to avoid places like McDonald’s or having to suffer through another bowl of (…)

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We’ve all gotten to point where we want something quick and cheap to eat, but we want to avoid places like McDonald’s or having to suffer through another bowl of cereal for dinner.

Enter my 5 favorite quick, cheap, and delicious places to grab a bite to eat along 30th Ave.

Jerusalem Pita House

25-15 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102

Here you can fill up a platter of a variety of Mediterranean goodness for around $10 and get pita sandwiches for $6.50. My faves include chicken gyro, grape leaves, and chunks of feta. If you’re lucky they will have the eggplant salad they always seem to be out of when I order, which is usually on the late side. The owner has been in Astoria for 14 years, which he told me as he hooked me up with some samples of new things he knew I hadn’t had before (I’m a regular).

Good for: lunch, dinner

Photo via Wanda C. // Yelp


El Grill

30-11 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102

I finally went here one day when it was pouring and we were desperate to get out of the rain. It’s easy to miss, with its nondescript store front, but a total gem. This place is authentic and boasts things beyond just tacos and nachos, like Nopoles salad, breakfast platters, and beef stew. Free chips and salsa for the table. Plus, it’s open late. Cash only.

Good for: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Photo via Takanori I. // Yelp


Il Fornaio Bakery Café

29-14 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102

Coffee, baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches can be found here. It’s a great spot to grab a bagel or a $4 egg sandwich with turkey. The team is super friendly. There’s only a couple of seats, but it’s an excellent place to pick something up to go.

Good for: breakfast, lunch

Il Fornaio Bakery Café

Photo by Glenn K. // Yelp


36-3 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

Juices, eggs, sandwiches, salads — this place has everything you could want with a quick turnaround and lots of meals for less than $10.  Most of the time I get something here, like a quinoa bowl or salad, I end up saving half of the meal for leftovers the next day, making it even more cost effective. They also have a lot of seating and wifi, so it’s a great place for a work break or to grab a cheap meal with a friend.

Good for: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Photo by Reggie M. // Yelp


Brooklyn Bagel

3614 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103

Bagels are cheap as hell, and if you’re going to indulge in the carbs, do it here. Mini bagels with one of their amazing cream cheeses will cost less than $4,($3.50 plus tax~big bagels with flavored cream cheeses are $4 plus tax). The reason I first entered Brooklyn Bagel was because they had Girl Scout Cookie Samoa cream cheese. You can also grab a Greek yogurt bowl or oatmeal for less than $5 and sandwiches and paninis range from $5-$10. They also often run specials like $2 Latte Tuesdays, have pretty decent wifi, and a good amount of seating.

Good for: breakfast, lunch

Photo by Crescencio B. // Yelp



What are your fav cheap and quick but still delicious places on 30th? Share in the comments!



Leandra Jordan

Forget 30th Ave…How about Astoria Blvd…. BZ Grill Amaaaaaazing!


Any Brooklyn Bagel also has $1 any size Coffee for the Month of June on Tuesdays!


I don’t know if this qualifies as cheap, but the sandwiches at Sorriso’s on 30th Ave and 45th St are gigantic and I always get two meals out of them. Plus while you’re waiting for them to make your sandwich they always slip you a ton of free samples so it’s like a free snack before the meal!

Donald Flex

Hey Emily…tough crowd here, eh? There’s also a Brooklyn Bagels at 35-09 Ditmars Blvd fyi.


My comment exactly……just moved to Astoria right off of 30th Avenue. I recall seeing some of these places, but don’t remember exactly where they are. Yes, we could google them, but providing the addresses would be useful!

Emily Miethner

Locations added! The titles also link to their Yelp profiles for quick info. Congrats on the move to 30th Ave. It’s a great Ave to be by!


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