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Jun 07, 2016

Astoria Real Estate Development Update, June 2016

An update on real estate developments in Astoria, some of which you may not be aware of.

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We thought we’d update you on some of the new developments happening around town you might not be aware of – three on 31st Street and one on Astoria Blvd.

8-29 Astoria Blvd

In May, paperwork was filed for new six-story building to be built across the street from Two Coves Community Garden—like within spitting distance. The block is somewhat industrial and next door to it is a newish building that is home to Reality House, a facility that offers veterans help in treating their chemical dependency problems—there are in-patient (30 beds) and outpatient services.


The new mixed-use development includes 50 apartments, 3,700 square feet of retail and 5,600 square feet of medical offices. The apartments will make up 32,674 square feet, with the average unit being 650 square feet. There will be off-street parking in a below-ground garage holding 25 spaces, as well as bike storage, laundry, and a roof deck. There’s not much like this in the neighborhood, so it will be a conspicuous addition.

The location is far from the subway, but I’m guessing these developers are banking on the Astoria ferry dock to be the public transportation of choice for these new tenants. That and some residents will no doubt have cars (because 25 parking spots). The Q69 Bus is also a short walk to the corner of Astoria Blvd and 21st Street.

25-40 31st Street

Back in April, we learned that paperwork was filed to build a new mixed use building along that strip of 31st Street near the Astoria Blvd subway stop—not far from the newish building that houses the nearby Starbucks. The new building would be 7 stories tall, hold 16 apartments, provide an 8-space parking garage, private storage, bike parking, a recreational area, and laundry facilities. The split is 11,265 square feet residential, 1,488 square feet commercial.

First, two three story homes must be demolished to make way for this building. How are we not surprised?

30-85 31st Street and 30-87 31st Street

These properties hold one large house, which will be (maybe has been) demolished to erect two six-story, nine-unit mixed-use buildings. In each building residential will be 6,367 square feet, commercial will be 765 square feet, and there is a “community facility” element at 833 square feet. NY YIMBY believes the residential units will be rentals because of their size (an average of 717 square feet). There will be an outdoor terrace on the roof, too, perfect for looking down onto the N/Q (N/W at that point?)… not.

location-of-30-85-87 31st-street-new-buildings

Paperwork was filed in May and of this and the previous two developments in this article, only this one’s plan exam was approved. 8-29 Astoria Blvd and 25-40 31st Street plans were disapproved but we expect they will happen eventually.

22-35 31st Street

This is more of an update, since we wrote about this in January. There’s been some paperwork progress on this spot, which was known for a long time as Last Stop (home of questionable pizza). Paperwork was filed but the plan was disapproved. I found the description odd—was Last Stop considered a jewelry store? I don’t get it.


Photo credit: Yelp

“Interior demolition and renovation of 1st [floor] commercial space. Change use from jewelry store to eating and drinking establishment. Installation of partitions, plumbing/kitchens fixtures, wall and floor finishes. New C of O to be obtained.”

It doesn’t sound like the 2,200 square feet of residential space above is going to be altered physically, but can you imagine living above all that construction? I do wonder how the current residents will handle it. It would drive me mad.

Anyway, the Schedule B has the details on the kitchen appliances and implements in store for the place:

“Replace cooking equipment: 1 combi oven, 6 open burner range, 1 salamander, 1 countertop griddle and 1 charbroiler.”

That’s it for now.

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Last Stop Pizza, especially the pan pizza was excellent, and their tortellini in broth was our family’s go to soup when not feeling well. Best part… the older guy who finished your phone order with “YOU GOT IT!” Was sorry to hear they were leaving.


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