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Mar 11, 2013

Lucy Eats Alone – Winegasm

Lucy finds respite from the cold by a meal at Winegasm, one of Astoria’s popular wine bars.

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Lucy sent her latest missive our way at the end of February (hence the dated commentary). Enjoy Winegasm vicariously through her! -Meg


I feel like it’s been ridiculously cold out, yet I’m from a cold place so I know that I’m simply lacking perspective on degrees of coldness. February is the pits. Casting about for something to warm me from the inside, I think about a very long weekend at the beach but settle on red wine. I’m not particularly hungry having had a late brunch at Alobar. Bloody Marys and bacon glazed maple popcorn are a great start to any cold, grey day.


I want a little something to munch on with my red, and I remember Winegasm. I still can’t believe that’s what they decided to name it, but such is life. On my way up the block, I stop into Jewels of Buddah and find a great pair of earrings but the best finds are amazing beautifully printed Christmas cards. I’ll have to remember this for December.


Looking at Winegasm’s wine list, I realize that my eye keeps straying to the wines on the bottle list. I know that’s a bad idea. I’m not sure I want to be drinking a bottle alone tonight – last Tuesday? yes! tonight? no. So, instead I have a little French Pinot Noir and check out the menu.

I haven’t been here in some time, but the menu looks largely unchanged. Small plates are easily shared or perfect for someone dining or snaking alone. Items in the small sandwich category, a good array of apps, dips and salads, but who am I kidding? It’s cold. I want meat and a little cheese.


I start with the meat & cheese plate – a selection of 3 – obviously I select two meat & one cheese. As I happily drink my wine and enjoy the bresaola I check out the crowd. As usual, I’m the only one dining alone. There are a couple groups of girls who I guess are there using a Groupon, since they all seem to be ordering the exact same thing. Another group of women in very short skirts who must be going to Cavo later. There is a couple madly making out in the corner. It’s a little early for that but good for them.

But what really catches my attention is La Dolce Vita on the TV. I’ve always had a crush on Marcello Masroianni – almost as serious as my crush on Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Clearly, given my mood I need bacon wrapped prunes and Shiraz. While the bundles of smokey goodness are cooking, the entire place fills with the delicious scent of bacon and instantly I am warmer. They are delicious. They are just what I need to tide me over until I am on the beach.

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