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Dec 02, 2014

Astoria Updates – Letlove Inn, Vegan Food, Gastroteca, Artichoke Pizza, and More

Over the past few weeks, we’ve compiled details about places here and there in the neighborhood that can’t quite make for an entire post on their own, so I thought (…)

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve compiled details about places here and there in the neighborhood that can’t quite make for an entire post on their own, so I thought I’d gather them up here for you.


Photo credit: Letlove Inn

The Letlove Inn—The paper is down on the windows and wooden blinds are up (they are nice blinds) at The Letlove Inn. I peeked in and saw a nice bar on the right. Reminds me a lot of Sparrow. They plan to open in a few days. 27-20 23rd Avenue


Artichoke Pizza—A call to the Artichoke in the East Village yielded info regarding their opening. Their hope is to be open by January 15, 2015 (they were hoping by the first of the year but that was not in the cards). 22-56 31st Street

Locale Changing Name to Gastroteca—WHA reader Sam tells us this: “On our way out [of Locale], the owner told us that their name will be changing in the next few weeks to Gastroteca. He wanted to emphasize that ownership/staff/menu/recipes aren’t changing, just the name. (It was something to do with the former owner wanting to use the Locale name.) FYI.” 33-02 34th Avenue


Locus Cafe—This is apparently the name of the new place going in where the old Waltz-Astoria was. I peeked in a sliver of an opening and the place is totally empty inside and someone was painting the walls. Rumor has it Locus Cafe will serve crepes there. 23-14 Ditmars Blvd.


Speaking of Crepes—The yogurt spot on Broadway, Sunberi, is serving a crepes lunch special, both sweet and savory. 35-04 30th Avenue


Vegan Food Has Arrived—In case you missed it, Jujube Tree Asian Vegan Cuisine is opening up in the old Chicken Shack space on 30th Ave, and yes, they will be serving vegan food. 35-02 30th Avenue **UPDATE: We hear Jujubee is opening January 2nd! Vegans, rejoice!**


Crescent Apothecary—This is the old Fatty’s space. They’ve taken down the papers off the window, and shelves are up. Should be open soon. 25-01 Ditmars Blvd.

Sabor de Cuba—We posted it on our Facebook page but thought we’d include it here—the old Burger Bistro is going to be a Cuban restaurant from the folks behind Tu Casa. 37-03 31st Avenue

If you know about any new places opening, or details on already established Astoria spots, feel free to email us!

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Yes what happen to Oyster cafe? I went a couple of times, the Japanese owner was very nice guy. sorry it closed!


Do you mean the new pizza shop, post scriptum, on the corner of broadway and 32nd? Been wondering when they will open myself…


Do you have info on the bar/restaurant that recently opened on Broadway near the subway stop?


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