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Oct 16, 2013

Getting Personal with Tone Pilates’ Jessica Hope Restrepo

We talk pilates, fitness and general love of Astoria with Tone instructor and co-owner, Jessica Hope Restrepo

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It’s no secret that Astoria is developing a burgeoning sports and fitness scene.  I personally love the myriad of options available as far as yoga and pilates go, and one of my all time favorite studios is Tone Pilates.  Totally addicted to their Surfset Pilates classes, which are done on an actual surfboard balanced by 3 medicine balls, I really enjoy spending my Sundays burning off some steam and calories.  Instructor and Tone’s co-owner, Jessica Hope Restrepo breaks it down for you here, showcasing why fitness (and more specifically pilates) is something we totally heart.

1. What’s the inspiration behind opening Tone Pilates?

Jessica Hope Restrepo – When I imagined opening a Pilates studio, I had several ideas in mind. Tone Pilates was to be a small boutique studio that was a personalized, community-based studio with lots of attention to detail. After years of helping other people form their visions, Alicia Lavender, my business partner, and I had decided to craft our own. We pride ourselves on the quality of the individual attention each person is given. We treat people in the same way we wanted to be treated while taking a class and we both have taken many classes. We get to know people on a personal level, creating relationships with our clients, so they are not just a key tag or a number, but are involved with their fitness journey because we are there for them every step of the way.

2.  What do you hope Astorians get out of their experience at Tone?

JHR – First and foremost a kick-ass, fun workout with highly qualified instructors. We want them to feel like part of a family, creating relationships with us and meeting like-minded people. We want to give clients the confidence to know that they are stronger than they think. We know they can do it! Laughing and having a good time is important while working out, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously and yet continue to push our clients to their limits, letting them find more ways to grow and explore their strength.

3.  What’s your favorite class at Tone and why?

JHR – Our classes are so diverse that it’s hard for me to pick one. I love the fact that you can take different classes all the time. I am someone who gets bored doing the same things all the time. Tone offers a variety of classes from our SurfSet classes (let’s go surfing!) to our Reformer classes – so you really can change it up and have different experiences while getting fit.

4. What’s your favorite part of your job?

JHR – My favorite part of my job is making a difference in other people’s lives, even if it is a small part. Physical exercise can relieve stress and boost your endorphins. I love getting to know our clients and being a part of making them happier and healthier. I love our studio; I walk in and feel like I am home. I am truly fortunate to enjoy a close friendship with my business partner, Alicia. I guess it’s safe to say I truly love what I do each and every day. How many people can say they love their jobs? I am blessed that I do!

5. What do you most heart about Astoria and why?

JHR – I heart Astoria for its diversity, its community. I love being able to walk a few blocks and eat at a fantastic restaurant or cafe, shop at a cool boutique or a wonderful little mom-and-pop store. Astoria has everything! I love the blend of old and new. I love being so close to the city without living in Manhattan. I truly HEART Astoria!

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