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Jun 10, 2013

Surfs Up at Tone Pilates

We Heart Astoria takes a Surf Pilates class at Tone Pilates, Astoria

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20130601_131821Always up for doing a new form of exercise, I decided to try Tone Pilates last weekend, and more specifically their Surfset class, which makes use of these awesome RipsurferX boards. Never having seen these boards no less being on a real surfboard, I was a bit intimidated from the start, but totally loosened up and had an awesome time (and a fabulous workout).  Here’s what you can expect:

20130601_132006You start on the board by doing a few basic things, including learning how to get on and off.  Supported by three small medicine balls, standing up on the Ripsurfer X is probably not unlike in the ocean, as the board sways left and right until you find your balance.  It’s a bit challenging at first, but once you get into it and try it a few times, it’s great fun, not to mention a crazy-good full body workout.

20130601_131901I liked that the class was broken up into different parts, including an intense cardio segment, in which we practiced getting on and off our board, paddling (as if in the ocean), and continuously jumping over our board.  I sweated like crazy, which felt good, and was later grateful for a slower segment that focused more on flexibility and ab work.

Since I already took two classes, I got to experience both Jessica’s and Lauren’s different teaching styles.  Both are great, and I enjoyed Jessica’s attention to detail and form and Lauren’s intensity with the cardio.

In addition to Surfset, Tone offers traditional mat pilates as well as reformer.  An intro mat package starts at just $30 for 3 classes, which is a fabulous deal and something I already took advantage of.  Surfs up, Astoria – I hope to see you there!

Tone Pilates36-19 Broadway, Astoria.  347.730.6057



Hey Judith! Nice meeting you in the water this weekend. You were incredible! I’m hoping to come try out this class in the next week or two. Thanks again, for the recommend and hope to see you around!


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