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May 09, 2013

We Heart The Queens Kickshaw’s New Dinner Menu

The We Heart Astoria crew was invited to sample some of the new dishes on The Queens Kickshaw’s dinner menu, and found many delicious things on it.

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Queens Kickshaw

Last week the WHA team got together to welcome our latest team member (more on that soon!) and to give the new Queens Kickshaw dinner menu a try. We were NOT disappointed. Below are our general thoughts on this stellar new line-up.

Corn Tortilla Manicotti


I adored this crispy, crunchy take on a cheesy manicotti. The kabocha squash “whiz” was a lovely surprise and a welcome addition. -Mackenzi

Admiring the inventiveness of this dish and seeing that it’s not actually made of pasta made me smile.  Substituting corn tortillas for the pasta shell worked nicely and I also loved the creamy ricotta cheese that oozed out the sides as well as the sharp kabocha whiz, which was a total hoot.  It’s not only pretty to look at but fun to eat.  – Judith

Fontina and Hard Cider Arancini


A lovely way to start our meal, I’m a big fan of fried goodness.  The arancini were packed with earthy fontina cheese, risotto and rested in spicy tomato sauce.  I loved that they didn’t feel heavy or oily; instead, they were crunchy, airy and just right.  – Judith

I tasted these during their Second Anniversary party and fell in love with them then, so I was overjoyed to see a bowl of them placed in front of us early on in the meal. I love how creamy they are, surrounded by a crisp exterior. The tomato sauce is also delicious. I would eat these any time. -Meg

Kimchi Lasagna 


I loved every second of this totally unique dish. The textures and flavors all work perfectly well with the smoked tofu star of this dish. This is nearly a perfect vegetarian meal. -Mackenzi

Even though we had some debates at the table, trying to decide if to classify this as a lasagna or moussaka, any way you put it, it was a fun dish.  There was a lot going on, as you see, with pieces of grilled eggplant, kimchi, smoked tofu, bechamel and even accouterments such as braised pistachios.  Even though I think some of these ingredients weren’t completely necessary, the dish in its core proved to be texturally interesting and vibrant in flavor. Oh and for the record, it wasn’t too spicy. – Judith

Beet Pasta Alfredo


This was my second time trying the Beet Alfredo, and all I can say is yum. This is decadent, rich pasta done well in every single way. You’ll notice a lot of beets on the new TQK menu, but I’m not mad at that. -Mackenzi

One of my favorites of the night, I loved the silkiness of the noodles and the velvety beet alfredo sauce that stole the show. Being a big fan of beets, I don’t mind if they’re prominent in a dish, however this pasta showed beet restraint.  It worked out well and think that even if beets aren’t your thing, this may make you a convert.  – Judith

Kimchi Dumplings in Consomme 


Light, earthy and quite warming, I appreciated this unique take on dumplings.  Once again, as in the Kimchi Lasagna, I thought that the actual kimchi was quite mild, so spice lovers may not be overly impressed. – Judith

I am a big fan of kimchi and other fermented vegetables, as well as dumplings, so the idea of kimchi + dumpling was highly appealing. I liked how light this was, and agree with Judith that it was earthy and warming – thanks to the kimchi consommé. Such a delight. -Meg

Endive Salad


This salad is unlike any other salad you’ve ever had. Promise. The kalamata olive and kombucha vinaigrette is briny, tart, sweet, savory all rolled into one. After having this dish at their Valentine’s Dinner, my girlfriend talked about it for weeks. Well played, Kicksaw. -Mackenzi

Looking at this salad made me a little dizzy but in a good way.  I couldn’t decide what to go for first.  The endives were my favorite, as I love me some licorice flavor and enjoyed biting into this crunchy, refreshing vegetable that was laced with a deep flavored kombucha vinaigrette.  – Judith

This was an interesting dish – I was intrigued by the kalamata and kombucha vinaigrette, which was a good balance to the somewhat bitter endive. I also very much liked the sweetness of the persimmon, too. This is a great way to eat endive. -Meg

Poached Eggs with Miso Butter


I was looking to try this dish at Kickshaw’s brunch but it didn’t quite work out, so I’m glad I got a bite during dinner.  Take note that the egg is cold poached and therefore feels refreshing and anything but like a breakfast dish.  The pickled mustard seed garnish on top provides a lovely little pop in texture and flavor.  – Judith

This dish impressed me the first time I tried it months ago, and it did the same at dinner. I love the umami-rich miso and the pickled mustard seeds are also very cool. Cold poached eggs might seem a little weird when you hear about them, but in person they totally work. -Meg



This dish is so good, I’m contemplating going back for more as soon as I finish this post. The Kickshaw’s very own Chef Youngson mixes in Korean sesame seeds for an unexpected, and tasty, addition. -Mackenzi

Kickshaw’s spaetzle played on my heart strings (and taste buds), as this dish is a big part of my Eastern European culture. But I’ve never had a take on it like this!  Wait til my mom hears this one…wild sesame seeds?! They may just make a debut in a homemade version at a future family feast.  Great idea, Kickshaw!  – Judith

These days, pasta does not often find its way to my dinner plate, but I would make room for this dish, absolutely. The spaetzle is definitely comfort food, but what was most delightful was all the wild Korean sesame seeds! I love the textural contrast with the plump spaetzle. This is a real winner.

Israeli Couscous Majadera


Another winner, I appreciated the salty and sweet juxtaposition brought on by the caramelized onions and French lentils in this dish.  The cous-cous itself was cooked perfectly and a had a beautiful buttery shine to it.  I could’ve eaten this and the spaetzle alone and been happy and sated.  – Judith

Kickshaw Bibimbab 




I’ll just go ahead and admit it; I’ve never had bibimbap before. This dish was a knock out in every way, and I can’t wait to eat it over and over again. -Mackenzi

So happy to see that this was on the menu, it’s one of my favorite Korean dishes, mainly because it allows you to play with your food.  Breaking the delicate quail eggs over the veggies was a pleasure, as it sealed all the flavors, including the earthy veggies, sticky rice and their housemade bibimbap sauce together.  – Judith

Bibimbap is a terrific dish and I have enjoyed it over the years. I loved mixing everything up and was particularly charmed by the presence of burdock in the line of vegetables. I adore burdock and always feel grounded when I eat it (burock root itself is one of the deepest growing roots out there). The quail eggs were delicious, too. -Meg

Seasonal Roasted Vegetables 


That’s some seriously damn fine cauliflower. -Mackenzi

Simple yet intelligently prepared, these veggies were definitely a highlight.  I adored the caramelization on the cauliflower and appreciated the heirloomy beets as well, which boasted nice texture.  My dining companions thought they were a bit hard, but I liked them the way there were.  – Judith

I LOVED the cauliflower! It was roasted vegetable perfection. The beets were also great, and super cute. -Meg

Ginger Creme Brulee 

This is the one dish I didn’t care for, as it didn’t remind me of a creme brulee but maybe an Italian budino.  The texture was a bit odd and the ginger wasn’t that pronounced in my opinion.  – Judith

What it’s called is unimportant to me – I found this to be crazy delicious. I loved the caramelized ginger on top and the creamy interior. I dream about this dish. -Meg

Beer Ice Cream Affogato


The most bodacious dessert of the night, in my opinion, it was comprised of beer ice cream and then poured over with fragrant espresso.  Together, these ingredients formed an affogato that brought forth a richness and masculinity that couldn’t be ignored.  – Judith

This was also pretty incredible – two different kinds of bitter were present (one from the coffee, one from the beer), and it totally worked for me. I loved it. -Meg

Apple Cobbler 


Even though it was a bit messy, the Apple Cobbler was also a big highlight, as it represented a deconstructed apple pie.  I must highlight the freshly whipped cream that was as light as a cloud and a perfect dipping sauce for the crunchy, cinnamony cobbler.  – Judith

Many thanks to The Queens Kickshaw for having us over for the evening! We hope you get a chance to stop by and try some of the new taste treats on their dinner menu.

The Queens Kickshaw, 40-17 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11103, (718) 777-0913,


Lauren E.

O… m… g… did my favorite Astoria restaurant just get even better? I’m salivating over this post. Bravo.


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