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Sep 07, 2017

Astoria Food News, Unofficial Start to Fall 2017

A collection of food news tidbits as we enter the unofficial start of Fall.

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A beautiful sandwich from the Sandwich Kings. Image source: Adam_T4 via the We Heart Astoria Flickr group

There’s been some notable Astoria (and a little from LIC) food news out in the world lately, and we thought we’d pass it on to you.

The Village Voice put out something called An Epicurean Guide To New York’s Best Foodie Bodegas. Not surprisingly, they highlighted the chopped cheese at Blue Sky Deli (Hajji’s) in East Harlem (the attention this sandwich has gotten has been controversial), but they also featured Astoria’s Tokyo Market (33-15 Broadway). This is NOT Family Market (29-15 Broadway), which is a pretty amazing store and worth a visit. I’d often wander into Tokyo Market and wonder how fresh the sushi is; turn out it’s made daily.

Reddit reports that Prince Tea House is opening another location on Steinway Street in Astoria. 31-45 Steinway Street, which used to be home to cheaply-made clothing store Index 1 for a number of years.

NYC food writing darling Ligaya Mishan featured 36th Avenue’s Sami’s Kabab House (actual address is 35-57 Crescent Street, but it’s also on 36th Ave) this summer, where the “menu is brief and unfussy, drawing in part from Mr. Zaman’s ancestry, half-Uzbek, half-Tajik.” She recommends “Mantu (dumplings); lamb chops; mixed Afghani kabab; korma chalaw; sheer birinj (rice pudding); dough (yogurt drink).”

Thrillist named Astoria’s Sandwich Kings the best sandwich shop in the state of New York. The Bomb is a hit, of course, but my favorite has always been roast chicken, mild provolone, soppressata, tomato-lettuce-onion, and marinated peppers. Pro tip: know exactly what you want when you go in so you can tell the guy at the counter your order with minimal fuss—dawdling with your order is frowned upon.

Have you been by Qdyssey yet? They opened up in the old 4fold Crepe shop and are next door to The Bonnie. Head there for ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, coffee and more. 29-14 23rd Avenue

Eating in Translation’s inimitable Dave Cook writes about Astoria’s Greek souvlaki trucks/carts for Culinary Backstreets.

Fifth Hammer Brewing Company opens later this Fall. “Fifth Hammer represents individuality and not being afraid to go your own way,” says the owner. 10-28 46th Avenue (between Vernon Boulevard and 11th Street), Long Island City.

ICYMI, The Queens Kickshaw has closed and will become a Chinese restaurant.

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Meg Cotner

Since like forever! It’s even written on their front window. I’m not sure when they got that nickname but it’s been at least over multiple decades. Ask anyone in the neighborhood, they’ll know who you are talking about when you say Sandwich Kings.


Support the GREEK restaurants in Astoria, TITAN, the GREEK supermarket which has an excellent take-away made fresh daily, 8 varieties of FETAH including two or three varieties of Goat Fetah, a number varieties of olives and on and on, support the ITALIAN restaurants in Astoria such as Piccolo Venezia, excellent food.
Don’t let these fall by the wayside. I don’t want to have to fly to Athens or Milano to have Greek and Italian delights.


Qdyssey has had a sign on their door for the last week saying “We’ve taken a vacation, sorry for the sudden closure” or something similar. This, after they just suddenly remodeled from 4Fold, and were open for about 2 weeks. Their Instagram indicates vacation as well, but their listed website…is some kind of PR/publicity firm?

What is going on with this place?


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