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May 04, 2013

Lucy Eats Alone – Lucy Emerges from the Dark Recesses of a Cigar Bar

This edition of Lucy Eats Alone features Lucy’s enjoyment of rosé wine and empanadas (and tattooed bartenders) at Fatty’s Cafe in Astoria.

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I’ve recently had the great pleasure of being reintroduced to the wonderful world of cigars, and as a result have been spending a fair amount of time checking out cigar bars in Manhattan. Turns out while I was either ensconced in a smoky room full of dudes in suits and leather furniture or buying Febreze, winter ended. Now that spring is here, I’ve been fantasizing about a little picnic in Astoria Park followed by a big glass of a serious red wine and a cigar (please keep it to yourself that sometimes that coffee cup I’m drinking out of at the park contains something other than coffee, and sometimes I make a ‘special’ boozy float with the assistance of Mister Softee).


Wandering the neighborhood on a sunny afternoon, I walked by Fatty’s and Crescent and Vine and thought – what’s more summery than a glass of rosé? Crescent and Vine wasn’t open yet so I stopped into Fatty’s. I hadn’t been in some time and remembered how much I loved brunch in the back patio or late night drinks with someone who recently has been kicking my ass at Words With Friends.


The menu is – I think – the same and still very vegetarian-friendly. The bartenders make great cocktails and often are appropriately tattoo’d – which is a plus in a cute bartender, if you care to know my opinion on the matter. I ordered one of each kind of empanada – chorizo, cheese and beef. All were delicious. The shells were crisp, the fillings flavorful and the salad was a nice compliment.

Mid-afternoon the entire place was all women. My eavesdropping skills tell me 3 are teachers, 2 are working on their day drunk and two behind me at a table are making fun of a baby shower they just went to – these are all things I whole heartedly approve of on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe I should spend more time here.

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