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Jul 06, 2013

Lucy Eats Alone – Lucy Believes It’s Never Too Hot Out For a Greek Salad

In this edition of Lucy Eats Alone, she happens upon local Greek spot Gregory’s Corner 26 Taverna and eats classic fare of Greek salad, tzatziki, taramasalata, and more.

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See how Lucy beats the heat by enjoying local Greek restaurant fare – we’re big fans of Gregory’s and know their food is top notch! -Meg


After walking a friend home on a sweltering summer afternoon, I come upon Gregory’s Corner Taverna at 23rd Avenue and 26th Street. It’s been open for as long as I can remember and is a great spot for some outdoor dining in the shade. Inside it’s tiny and wonderful (and air conditioned), and a really great place for a delicious relaxed meal with a good friend.


Taramasalata, tyrokafteri, eggplant, and tzatziki

I decide to sit outside because I have an optimistic belief that there will be a breeze. After taking a seat I feel a breeze and discover they have a system of fans that keep you cool. Greek ingenuity! I order the small Greek salad and cold appetizer (a combo of the classic Greek dips). To keep hydrated, I have a water, Diet Coke and some rosé.


The salad is the perfect solution to sweaty summer hunger. Crisp and fresh. The dips (bear with me because I never remember the Greek names) are all great. They are all flavorful, light and fresh – a bit garlicky without the tongue-stinging, raw garlic flavor you sometimes find. I have a soft spot for eggplant (and here its particularly good) so I congratulate myself for ordering the combo and trying all four dips. The fish roe dip is almost fluffy and not too salty. The tzatiki has a good cucumber flavor.

Two other tables have braved the heat and are sitting outside. A cute Greek guy and a couple his parents age are talking about soccer while they intermittently make fun of him and ask to look at ALL the photos in his phone. Maybe they are member of the soccer club across the street? The other table is a beautiful Greek couple having a very leisurely lunch.

I think instead of reading in the park, I too will use the heat as an excuse to slow down and sip my rosé enjoy the shade and read. My laundry will get done another day.

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