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Jun 07, 2012

Lucy Eats Alone: Avenue Cafe

Find out what Lucy really thinks of Avenue Cafe on 30th Avenue.

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Strolling 30th Avenue, I am always struck by the juxtaposition of the older cafes like Grand and Avenue, and even Flo to a degree, with the cool kid, over-designed new places like Butcher Bar, Sugarfreak, William Hallet and Queens Comfort.

I can’t decide where to stop so instead I detour into one of my all time favorite astoria shops, Rudy’s Hobby & Art Supplies. It’s an amazing treasure trove. I always buy something today I decided I really needed this:

Directly across the street is Avenue Cafe. Its seemingly been there forever, at least as long as I’ve lived here. Its got the same menu more or less that all the others have: full bars that tends toward the fruity blender drinks. As I recall they have good frappes. If I had known I was coming here I’d have skipped the triple skim latte I had for breakfast. The menu is a mix of Mediterranean and high end cafe. There are half a dozen pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and crepes.

I start with a watermelon and feta salad, something that I make quite a bit at home, so I feel a little stupid for ordering it. I like the presentation because it allows you to work out the ratio of cheese to fruit yourself. I am a little disappointed that the watermelon isn’t great but then its not even officially summer yet so I can’t have too high of expectations. This salad reminds me of the dessert they serve at Agnati in late summer – watermelon dusted with cinnamon. I know it sounds odd but its really quite good and I’m looking forward to many summer nights finishing with one of their metal carafes of wine nibbling on that watermelon.

As I finish my salad and ponder my main course, I check out the crowd. I’m the only one eating alone – a few couples, but mostly tables of guys nearly all are drinking frappes and wearing sunglasses. Two guys at the next table are making fun of text messages one of them is getting from a girl he met at Cavo last night.

Its not often I am somewhere in Astoria that serves crepes so I order the “rusticana” – ham, white american cheese and mushrooms. What exactly is rustic about american cheese I can’t quite work out but the crepe is immense, warm and gooey. The crepe itself is light and delicious. I am pleasantly surprised; this has turned out to a lovely late lunch. As I sit in the sun and ponder the rest of my day, I decide the appropriate dessert on such a glorious day is to wander over to Sweet Afton for a Michelada.

Avenue Cafe
35-27 30th Ave., Astoria

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