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Nov 09, 2012

Lucy Eats Alone: Lucy and Sandy

[After the Hurricane, Lucy sent us this post, which is now a look back to that time just after everything went nuts. Enjoy that time through Lucy’s eyes…] Sitting down (…)

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[After the Hurricane, Lucy sent us this post, which is now a look back to that time just after everything went nuts. Enjoy that time through Lucy’s eyes…]

Sitting down to the first dinner alone in a long time and feeling incredibly grateful and lucky. Prior to gathering Sandy supplies yesterday and feeling a little rough after a Sandypaloza horror movie marathon (consider yourself forewarned about the boozy whipped cream – with organic ingredients – Jolson’s is selling), I strolled the neighborhood and stopped in at Havana Express. The coffee was stellar as I perused the pastry selection. The croissant was perfect – light, airy with a chewy, buttery crust. I sampled a few others – all were quite good. The flaky spinach triangle was a real winner. I’ll be back for a full breakfast soon.

As I wandered Astoria on late Monday afternoon, I saw Astorians helping each other out in many ways large and small. One group that I think we all have to thank are the bartenders and restaurant staff – especially anyone doing deliveries. ¬†Personally, I’d like to thank the bartenders working Monday at the following fine establishments; Rocky McBride’s, O’Hanlon’s and No Partner’s (apparently I like bars with possessives in their name).

On Tuesday, I walked by Kitaku at 23-21 23rd Avenue and the guys doing delivery were literally running they were so busy. I hadn’t ever been or gotten delivery ¬†and I think that kind of dedication should be rewarded. So here I am.


Only about 1/3 of Ditmars area restaurants are open tonight, Kitaku is – of course – open and nearly full. I order a glass of Pinot Grigio and the Hamachi Jalapeno. The fish is fresh, the jalapeno crunchy and with a good kick and the sauce has a nice balance of vinegar and sweetness without over powering the fish.

The menu is half Japanese and half Chinese – and I can’t make my mind up which to eat so I decide both. A Japanese-Chinese Tapas dinner for one.


Up next sashimi salad with salmon, tuna, crab and shirmp over greens with ‘special suace’. My favorite! It arrives and I wonder how this is only $8. I may have to revise my dinner plan. This may have become one of my new go to lunches when I’m working from home. Lots of fish, a mix of greens – fresh and light.

My Chinese choices are an egg roll (how could I not?) and the spicy eggplant in garlic sauce. The egg roll is crispy and the wrapper isn’t too thick. The filling well cooked – not mushy – and the only reason its salty is because after the first couple bites I slathered it in hot sauce. The eggplant has a sweet tang but its not sweet and sour its also happily not that cloying sweet brown sauce that makes me want to cover everything in hot sauce. When the check comes I’m surprised the chinese portion of my dinner is under $8!

Normally, I tend to avoid a place that has a ‘/’ in it unless it makes geographical or cultural sense and even then… I am leery but in this case I’ll be back. This eggplant will be wonderful for the next hundred year storm which I expect to hit at least twice this winter.

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