Jun 01, 2012

Finally Fridays- The Business of Instagram

Are you a Lo-fi, Hefe or 1977 kinda filter person? If you know what that means, then you’ll love our Astoria Instagram round-up!

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It’s no secret, I adore Instagram! That snap and filter app that smartphone users are oh so found of is kinda my obsession. From pics of my kittens to shop photos, you’ll find it all on my Instagram feed. Without further ado, here’ some of the local businesses, biz owners, bloggers and folks who I love to follow*:

The Folks at Queens Comfort|QueensComfort


Ivona from Loveday 31|Lovedayqueen

Adam Kuban|akuban

Jennifer Lim|TheQueensKickshaw


And, of course, The Ladies of WHA…Meg|MegCotner, Judith|Fooditka, and me, Mackenzi|Mackenzi

Are you hopelessly addicted, too? Let us know your username and we’ll follow you back. Happy Friday!

(*To follow these fine folks, just search for the second name/username listed. Happy Instagraming.)

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