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Finally Fridays – Sports!

by Judith Rich

Finally Fridays sports edition – from playing baseball at the Astoria Sports Complex to running track in Astoria Park, there’s plenty of things to do in Astoria to stay active and get in shape.


Spring Is Here!

by Mackenzi Farquer

spring is here – best things and places to visit when spring comes to Astoria. Join plovgh, visit a beer garden, hang out in Astoria park, think about your spring garden, brunch outside and make your own neighborhood tour

Pop -Up Pianos

by Meg Cotner

My friend Heather alerted me to the presence of Pop-Up Pianos in Astoria and LIC last week and then over the weekend, a few other friends brought this to my (…)

Donate to the Astoria Park Shore Fest

by Meg Cotner

For the past couple of years, the Astoria Park Shore Fest (formerly known as the Astoria Water Walk) has happened for three successive weekends each August. Shore Blvd along Astoria (…)

Spring in Astoria Park

by Meg Cotner

Yesterday I took a walk over to Astoria Park and saw for myself just how beautiful it is this spring, so I thought I’d share some of the photos with (…)

Astoria Water Walk Week 2

by Meg Cotner

This weekend brings us the second installation of the Astoria Water Walk!  This week’s focus:  FOOD! The Astoria Water Walk presents Taste the Neighborhood. Yummeh! Here’s the schedule of free (…)

Astoria Water Walk on Sunday

by Meg Cotner

This weekend hails the second year of the Astoria Water Walk! What is the Astoria Water Walk? It’s a celebration of fun on Shore Blvd along Astoria Park, in the (…)

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