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Jun 29, 2012

Finally Fridays – Sports!

Finally Fridays sports edition – from playing baseball at the Astoria Sports Complex to running track in Astoria Park, there’s plenty of things to do in Astoria to stay active and get in shape.

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Since the summer is a great time to get and stay active, we thought we’d bring you some fun recos to get your blood pumpin’ – from baseball, tennis, running and more, we hope you choose to engage in some fun (and challenging!) activities.

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Tennis – There’s no better way to really sweat it out than with a one-one-one friendly tennis match, right in Astoria Park’s tennis courts.  In order to play, you must obtain a permit, which isn’t free, but if you’re a big time player, it’ll be well worth your while.  The courts are open daily from 8 a.m. til dusk, so grab an opponent, reserve a court and play ball!  Astoria Park Tennis Courts (21st Street and Hoyt Avenue, Astoria.  718.626.8622)

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Running Track – Just across from the tennis courts, you have Astoria Park’s awesome track that overlooks the city skyline.  On weekends you’ll see that it’s quite busy, but never busy enough that you feel cramped to use it.  The terrain is wonderful, made of tartan, an all-weather synthetic that’s really friendly on the joints.  Grab a friend to join you or go solo, this is a great way to burn some calories while being in the fresh air.  Astoria Park Track (Astoria South & 18th Street)

Golf – Not far from Astoria Park, but actually across the RFK Bridge is Randall’s Island Golf Center.  Fit for both the serious and the amateur golfer, you can take advantage of their driving range facilities or their 36-hole mini golf course.  If you’re truly a novice but want to get better, they offer private one-on-one lessons or group lessons too if you so choose.  They’re open from 10:30 a.m. (Mondays), 7:00 a.m. (Tuesday – Sunday) – 11:00 p.m. (everyday) Randall’s Island Golf Center (1 Randalls Island.  212.427.5689)

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Dancing – While you can certainly shake it at any local bar or club, why not consider something more challenging like dance lessons?  While it’s not necessarily a sport per se, it’s a great way to move your body and get in shape.  If you’d like to try something super active, check out Martinez Dance Studios for their salsa, Latin ballroom, swing, tango and other styles of dancing.  You can take private or group lessons, starting at just $15.  Martinez Dance Studios (28-46 31st Street, Astoria.  718.932.4344)

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All Sports – For truly enjoying any kind of sport, don’t forget to check out Astoria Sports Complex, which has been named the largest health club in the city.  It’s really impressive and right here in our neck of the woods, on 38th Street between 34th and 35th Avenue.  Try anything from swimming, boxing, baseball, soccer, aerobics, circuit training and more in the comfort of a climate controlled environment, as it’s all indoors.  Astoria Sports Complex (34-38 38th Street, Astoria.  718.729.7163)

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Very nice Judith. Glad you included Astoria Sports and dance too.
Astoria Park is home to many sports. I am curious how many in Astoria also take park in martial arts.
Happy Summer to all.
July 01 at MOMI
International sensation, not for the squeamish – Oldboy
[not recommended for minors]
July 04 – Socrates Park


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