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Feb 14, 2020


BY ANNA DORÉ It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re getting all the feels for this dreamy dwelling on 30th Drive. Locals Gail and Conor have detailed this bright one-bedroom with personal (…)

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re getting all the feels for this dreamy dwelling on 30th Drive. Locals Gail and Conor have detailed this bright one-bedroom with personal touches and vintage finds— and together, the pair has created a crib that has us falling fast. 

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Conor Hosford and Gail Schulman

Social handle: 

@theregoesgail @conhosss 


30th Drive

Years lived in: 

1.5 years

Size (# of bedrooms, bathrooms): 

1 bedroom, 1 bath

Tell us a bit about you and your Astoria apartment: 

Gail: I am a lover of aesthetics, collector of knickknacks, and a photographer at CBS. 

Conor: I am a student and jazz radio host. Our apartment is an ever-changing home where we can relocate unique items and serve as a hub for our friends and family. 

Our pothos plants above the cabinetry adds a pop of life and color to our kitchen space. They continue to sprawl — soon to take over the entire apartment.

Describe your design aesthetic in 5 words or less: 

Gail: Spacious, moody, eclectic, and detailed.

Conor: Eclectically dated, tastefully updated. 

Children’s dresser turned bookshelf. A fresh coat of paint and a few books can go a long way.

What’s your favorite room and why?

Gail: Our living space. It’s where we eat, where we host, and where I can lay out my mat and practice yoga. Plus, the sunlight is unmatched – welcoming an abundance of greenery.

Conor: The bedroom has a sunlit and subdued charm that I really appreciate. The room has a piano and adjacent camera art with various novelties strewn around, representing who lives here without seeing us. 

The jewelry box and mirror dish come from our grandmothers. Timeless and ornate pieces now in the same ensemble. Both lie in front of a golden picture frame now repurposed and wired to display earrings.

Favorite local element?

Gail & Conor: Our black mirror in the living room. We were walking to the subway when Conor spotted it in the trash of a nearby apartment complex on 14th Street. We (or he) carried it straight back to our apartment. It completely opens the room and is in mint condition! Keep your eye on the trash, folks.

Conor, the King of Craigslist, found this West Elm couch for free (apart from the XL Uber to bring it home) and the midcentury coffee table for $40. I splurged with the statement Urban Outfitters pillows. Sometimes it’s just worth it.

Most prized piece?

Gail: Our extensive record collection. These have come from grandparents, parents, thrift stores, garage sales, the street, you name it. We must own over 200 by now and it’s our primary source of music when home.

Conor: On top of the wooden shelf in the bedroom there is a decanter from the 1939’s world fair. It is a powerful piece of history placed on the shelf like a new-found trophy. 

Last year Conor came across 500 free records on Craigslist. With vinyl gloves and 2 bottles of wine, we tackled the mountain of boxes. Most of them were mold-ridden and/or warped, but some are solid gems.

What part of your home are you most proud of?

Gail: For me it is our mood lighting. When the sun sets not a single overhead light turns on. The lamps throughout our apartment emit a warm and cozy atmosphere, completely transforming the space.

Conor: I am always impressed with our ability to make seemingly different items blend together, that said, I am most proud of our hallway wall containing the picture mural — blending the different into one. 

We stumbled across this $20 Picasso print in a NJ thrift, having no clue of the painting’s history nor of its creator. Before purchase we struggled to find the artist’s signature. Not until a visit to the MoMa we realized, “Oh shit, that’s it.”

Best apartment advice? 

Gail: The less clutter the better – both in design and tidiness. Keeping a clean space will naturally allow yourself to unwind; and we are all working with tight spaces here in NYC – proportions matter.

Conor: Everyone has an idea on how a room should look. Listen to someone’s vision and shed the stubbornness! (It may be the best design advice you receive.)

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