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Aug 13, 2019

Some of the Best Summer Seafood in Astoria

Since we often spend the summer swimming in salty, cool seawater, it’s no wonder that we tend to have a very seasonal craving for briny bites. I’m talking about fresh (…)

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Plate of seafood from El Ancla, Astoria.

Since we often spend the summer swimming in salty, cool seawater, it’s no wonder that we tend to have a very seasonal craving for briny bites. I’m talking about fresh seafood. Whether you’re a lobster or scallops snob, or someone who loves a good old-fashioned bowl of fried calamari, here are the best places to enjoy your favorite fishy fare in Astoria:

Olive Oil Grilled Squid from Astoria Seafood. Credit to Astoria Seafood.

Astoria Seafood

Astoria Seafood is an automatic go-to because of its unique model that allows you to pick up fresh fish and shellfish at the market portion, and if you choose, have it cooked right on-location. The family-owned business on the corner of 37th Ave and 33rd St has operated as a store for 12 years, and the restaurant portion was added three years ago. The weekly selection varies, but always offers quite the array, from sardines to shark to prawns to octopus. After you pick what you want, staff cooks will make it however you like: grilled, sautéed, fried, deep-fried, broiled, baked, with or without sauce, stuffed, etc. There are also a variety of sides and drinks to choose from to round out the meal.

3710 33rd St, Long Island City

Grilled langostino, credit to Taverna Kyclades.

Taverna Kyclades

Kyclades is undoubtedly iconic in Astoria (/the rest of the city), and for good reason. The Greek restaurant has been in Astoria for 23 years, and is known for its extremely fresh seafood, which is hand-picked personally by staff each morning. Customers rave about the grilled calamari and octopus, the Kyclades specialty (stuffed clams, shrimps, lobster tail, scallops, and fillet of sol), the crab-stuffed shrimp and the Branzino. Just don’t forget, it’s moving locations at the end of the summer.

33-07 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria


Mediterranean newcomer Oli.Vine has quickly become a local seafood fave. Led by Chopped champion Nicholas Poulmentis (formerly of Akrotiri, also in Astoria), the menu has unique, non-traditional offerings and has been met with rave reviews. From seafood with squid ink pasta to grilled Mediterranean Dorade to Htenia (seared scallops with spicy mango chutney and truffle cauliflower puree), Oli.Vine is definitely the new place to get your fresh seafood fix.

3603 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria

Grilled Shrimp and Calamari, credit to Hamido Seafood.

Hamido Seafood

Hamido Seafood is another joint that is very new to the neighborhood–and, besides a few business kinks to work out, promises to be another go-to seafood spot. Similarly to Astoria Seafood (though it’s not a market by itself), Hamido allows you to pick your seafood first and then have it cooked to your liking. So far it’s know for its affordability and the freshness of its food, which makes its lobster tail, crabs legs and scallops (to name a few) must-tries.

3308 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria



Okay, we know they are closing in a week, but Gaijin was one of the top places for fresh sushi in the borough. Plus, they will only be closed for a few weeks, so it will earn its place back on this list soon enough! The owner promises the new concept to “focus more on quality of ingredients and limiting the number of dishes, rather than quantity-focused,” so you know its sushi will stay on top.

37-12 31st Ave, Astoria



Taverna Kyclades is far inferior to Hamido + no one who has eaten at Hamido seafood knows about the links you’ve mentioned. Astoria seafood is marginally fresh + unclean at best. The attitude + unfriendliness of the staff is enough to put anyone off. I’d only go to Astoria seafood if you’re not afraid of getting sick.


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