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Apr 30, 2019

The Ultimate Astoria Dessert Crawl

You know what’s even better than a bar crawl? A DESSERT crawl. Yes, you heard that right. Instead of hopping from bar to bar grabbing drinks, the perfect Astoria spring/summer (…)

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You know what’s even better than a bar crawl? A DESSERT crawl.

Yes, you heard that right. Instead of hopping from bar to bar grabbing drinks, the perfect Astoria spring/summer activity is hopping from bakery to doughnut shop to ice cream parlor—and trying every sweet treat along the way.

With the addition of Ample Hills and Sugar & Water last summer, as well as the usual staples, Astoria has become the best neighborhood for all things sweet—and has everything you need for the best candy-coated night out.

So do some extra exercises and schedule an appointment with your dentist—you’re going to treat yourself tonight!


The amazing loukoumades at Cafe Boulis in Astoria

Begin at Cafe Boulis, 30-15 31st Ave.

We couldn’t have an Astoria tour without starting out somewhere Greek! At the family-owned and operated Cafe Boulis, try what they’re known for—the loukoumades, or honey-filled fried dough—and, if you’re feeling ambitious, add on one of the other homemade Greek cookies like Kourabies (covered in powdered sugar) or Melomakarono (honey flavored with walnuts). Perhaps top it off with a hot cup of coffee (roasted locally in Queens by Arista Coffee), to keep you fueled for the sugary journey ahead?

Credit to Mom’s.

Walk up 31st Ave. to Mom’s Kitchen and Bar, 33-01 31st Ave.

Of course Mom’s is known for its homestyle cooking, like sweet ol’ Ma made it herself, but they also have the most insane milkshake menu—one that give the notorious Black Tap a run for its money. Piled high with generous scoops of ice cream, loads of toppings and a delectable presentation, you’ll want to be Instagram-ing this trek. To not overwhelm your stomach too early, we recommend making like a banana and splitting this treat. From strawberry shortcake themed shakes to Fruit and Cocoa Pebble toppings and an appearance from Marshmallow Fluff, you’ll be whisked back to your childhood fantasies in no time.

Photo Courtesy of Chip NYC’s Instagram page

Take a deep breath and work your way up and across 34th st. to Chip at 30-06 34th St., Astoria’s favorite place for cookies.

Waiting on the likely long line will allow you to digest a little anyway. Enjoy a still-warm-from-the-oven baked good, flavors dependent on the day, and might we suggest killing two birds with one stone and bringing them to Ample Hills across the street to make the ultimate Astoria Chipwich?


Next stop: Ample Hills, 34-02 30th Ave.

If you decided to bring your Chip cookies here, good for you. If not, no worries, there are plenty of flavors with cookies mixed in. And don’t forget their Astoria-themed concoction!

Starting to feel that old cavity acting up yet? On your way up 30th Ave. towards Steinway, feel free to stop for coffee at Gossip or Kinship—no sugar added, please. Or, you could head in the opposite direction and hop on the subway to get to our next stop, but we think the exercise is a good idea.


Katayef interior from Al-Sham Sweets. Photo by Anne Noyes Saini.

With Astoria’s amazing cultural representation, we had to include some international stops! Al-Sham Sweets and Pastries at 24-39 Steinway St. has some of the best Middle Eastern pastries in the country.

Try their take on Baklava, or Kanafeh (a traditional Arab dessert made with thin noodle-like pastry soaked in sweet syrup, and layered with cheese, clotted cream or nuts) before you cross over Astoria Boulevard.

Continue across Steinway until you hit Ditmars Blvd., and make a left to find Martha’s Country Bakery, 36-21 Ditmars Blvd.

Now that you’ve had a good walk, pop in to the Queens’ staple that is Martha’s. From a wide assortment of house-made cakes, pies and cookies, choose whatever you fancy from behind the glass case, but don’t forget to leave room for our last stop a little further down the block at…

Credit to Sugar & Water.

Sugar & Water, 29-14 23rd Ave.

End your tour with one of Astoria’s newer sweet establishments, gourmet doughnut shop Sugar & Water. Flavors vary each day but they always have the classics we all love: glazed, chocolate frosted, and rainbow sprinkles. You can even try their take on the renowned “cronut,” their “dossant.”

You did it! Now sit back, relax, and maybe pick up a salad for dinner.

Credit to Google Maps.



Um, La Guli anybody? Rose & Joe’s Bakery for their freshly filled cannoli which, in my personal NYer opinion, are the best except for those in Bronx’s Little Italy.


Comfortland on 30th near Steinway has my favorite sweets, donuts and the beloved Rainbow Cookie Crumb Cake by Donut Diva.


Whoah, where is Gelato & Co. on this list? Hands down the best gelato around!

Claire Leaden

We only picked a handful, but that is an awesome choice! Will have to swap that in for my own personal crawl :)


I strongly second the motion. Without Gelato & Co. your list is not ligit!!!!


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