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Oct 19, 2018

Old Flattopps Storefront To Become New Latin Restaurant And Bar

The old Flattopps space on Ditmars is going to become Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar. Owner Ricardo Gomez describes the multicultural Latin cuisine and the cocktails made with tropical fruits (…)

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Acento will move into the space formerly occupied by Flattopps. Photo via Google Maps

The old Flattopps space on Ditmars is going to become Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar. Owner Ricardo Gomez describes the multicultural Latin cuisine and the cocktails made with tropical fruits that you’ll be able to get when the restaurant opens in late fall, as well as his inspiration from Astoria’s own multicultural community. 

We recently sat down with Ricardo Gomez, owner of Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar, which will open in the space formerly occupied by burger-and-disco joint Flattopps. He told us all about the inspiration for her new space, and what we can expect.

We Heart Astoria: Tell us about your business?

Ricardo Gomez: Acento literally translates from Spanish to English as “accent.” In Latin America, there are many different accents. Just by listening to someone speak, you can tell where they’re from — be it Colombia, Dominican Republic or Argentina to name a few. The same can be said about Latin American cuisine — traditional dishes from all over is what makes our culture so unique and special. At Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar, our menu will transport you to Latin America in a fun, casual atmosphere. We welcome all Astorians to come and indulge in our delicious menu.

WHA: Why Astoria? Why this space?

RG: Queens wears the crown when it comes to ethnic cuisine. With so many options to dine and with residents from every corner of the globe, we wanted to bring to Astoria a dining experience that put Latin America front and center. Before Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar, Astoria was missing a place that offers a unique take on Latin Cuisine. Now, not just Astorians, but everyone will be able to relish in our affordable and delicious dishes.

Photo via Google Maps

We took some time to find the right space that made sense for our concept. It had to embody the intimate feel that restaurants in Latin America offer. We found this space and instantly knew we had found our place. The space is just the right amount of cozy without feeling tight.

WHA: Tell us about your menu/chef/food. 

RG: At Acento, we take pride in our menu, which offers traditional dishes from Latin America and the Caribbean. From carne asada and ropa vieja to yucca frita, croquettes, and ceviche, we’ve got it all. Our creative kitchen and warm staff coupled with our nostalgic ambiance and decor makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the southern continent of Latin America.

We aim to bring a more authentic taste similar to that of good old home cooked meals. Dishes that our mothers and abuelitas made for us back in our countries like in Ecuador and Colombia.

Image may contain: people sitting and indoorDrinks will also play an important role. The tropical tastes will be muddled in signature cocktails that are refreshing made with fresh ingredients. Guanabana, maracuya and tamarindo are just a few of the special foods that will play a key role in our cocktails.

Guanabana (top) and maracuya, or passionfruit (bottom) are tropical fruits found in Latin cuisine and drinks and known for their distinctive flavors.

WHA: Tell us anything special we should know about your or your new restaurant.

RG: Acento Kitchen & Bar embodies a casual atmosphere in a fine dining, cozy setting. At Acento, we host a full bar, appetizer menu, lunch menu and dinner menu as well as a diverse Latin inspired Sunday brunch.

WHA: When will you open? What special surprises can we expect?

RG: We will be opening late fall. Follow us on Instagram at @AcentoNYC for the latest updates and news!

Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar
33-06 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria

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